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Magento 2.1.9, Amazon AWS, Lengow, Colissimo and Chronopost, Performance Monitoring with New Relic and Blackfire, ADYEN Payment integration





Key Features

  • Data Migration
    • PrestaShop to Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition
      • Product Catalog [ 40,000+ ]
      • Customers [ 1,00,000 + ]
      • Orders [ 50,000+]
      • Invoices
      • Web Stores
      • URL Rewriting Rules
      • CMS Content
      • Basic SEO
  • Magento Enterprise Cloud solution
  • Configurable Products offers maximum choice
    on branded clothing


  • Marketplace Channel Integration
    • Amazon
    • Spartoo
    • Rue du Commerce
    • Discount
    • Price minister
    • eBay
  • Multiple Sales Channel integration
  • Web POS Integration
  • Streamline Order Processing
  • Centralize Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inline Product Catalog Edit
  • Google Merchant Integration
  • Performance Monitoring

We have built next-generation web-based shops to satisfy 360 degree requirements of leading European wholesaler with centralize inventory, multi-channel sale integration, supplier management, POS integration and complete focus on usability & design with Magento 2 Enterprise Edition. Our complete solution empower client to plan, track and report every facet of supply chain operation which drive sales, reduce cost and deliver

Technologies Used

  • Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition
  • Amazon AWS for stable and efficient server
  • Multi-channel management tool – Lengow
  • Shipping Management – Colissimo and Chronopost
  • Performance Monitoring with New Relic and Blackfire
  • ADYEN Payment integration



  • Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition
    • Large scale implementation of Magento multi-channel solutions which target thousands of Product catalog3
  • Marketplace Channel Integration
    • Produce smarter solution to automate listing, syncing and shipping across all sales channels (Amazon, Spartoo, cDiscount, Priceminister & Ebay) and Magento Store
    • Synchronizing all separate retail channels into one place and consolidate products, orders, sales and customer information into a single database.
  • Configurable Products
    • Managing and selling configurable products with many options
    • Demonstrate all possible product combinations
    • Display all product information based on the product attribute specification
  • Product Naming
    • Manage Product naming for huge product catalog efficiently
    • Automated Product Naming pattern will be SEO friendly which improve product visibility

  • Web POS Integration
    • Integrate Magento store with web POS which manage day-to-day transaction without any hassle
    • User can Create the order from physical store using the Web POS and the order will be generated in the Magento
  • Streamline Order Processing
    • Orders received from external channels such as eBay and Amazon are automatically imported into Magento as regular orders.
    • Store admin can simply process them as normal orders, and Magento will keep the different channel updated with progress!
  • Centralize Inventory Management
    • Synchronize and manage inventory between Magento store and all marketplace channels
  • Warehouse Management
    • Generate packing slip which will improve warehouse efficiency and make warehouse team more productive


  • Inline Catalog Edit
    • Save significant time of admin to update product information which provide ease of management
    • Generate a new batch protocol to maintain GMP compliant supplier traceability.
  • Google Merchant Integration
    • Upload product data to Google Merchant Center by creating Google Shopping feeds which let millions of shoppers to see online products
  • Performance Monitoring
    • Keep track of store performance and response time taken by the website
    • Identify Application Bottleneck and Response Time taken by the application

  • Multi Store
    • Multi store website which target different geographic location and countries to engage more and more customer from target region
    • Created different stores with following extensions
      • DE – ES – FR – IT – COM
  • Shipping integration
    • Order file import and export functionality
    • Pick point listing on Google Map
    • Shipment Tracking
    • Shipping Label Printing
  • Back Order Processing
    • Allows a store owner sell products that are out-of-stock

Damien Butler
Damien Butler

Our online store needed re-configuring after a new server and platform change. We had used iFlair in the past and found their work excellent. We decided to call on them again to restore our online store to working order. In our opinion they went above and beyond our expectations and got to work without any fuss. They kept us updated daily and got the job finished in minimal time. We found their rates to be excellent and I can only say that their level of professionalism and expertises are top notch. I highly recommend them.

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