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  • Partner with iFlair for all your Website Development and PHP Open Source Development needs. iFlair specializes  in Creative, Responsive website development and PHP open source development in India.
  • As an outsourcing service provider, we possess remarkable experience in catering to the business needs of clients from all over. We closely evaluate the requirements of the international market and upgrade our resources in order to live up to the expectations and standards of the global arena.

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    Why To Choose Us As Your Outsourcing Partner..!!!

    At iFlair, we will provide a full-fledged team to execute your projects, which will not only take care of smooth communication with you but will also, do full justice in maintaining and following the work protocols and procedures you entail, ensuring a delivery higher than your expectations.


    Benefits of choosing us as your partner:


    Each project undergoes the below processes:

    • Requirement gathering.
    • Feasibility analysis.
    • Designing & Planning.
    • Building.
    • Testing & Implementation phases.

    • Coding as per Technical Standards.
    • Version & Revision control of code.
    • Estimated milestones for each project.
    • Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure delivery of high-quality software projects through the entire workflow.

    Project Communication

    • Timely project status & Weekly report to clients.
    • Conference calling via Skype etc.
    • Desktop sharing & online test server availability

    Project Communication
    Language Communication

    Language Communication

    • With iFlair, communication is seamless as all the Project Managers and the other employees are highly experienced.
    • We also use the Language translator tools to communicate with our clients to match their comfort level. So you can sit back & relax and we will make sure to ease up the communication as much as we can.

    Flexible Working Models

    • Our flexible working models will facilitate you to hire our services as per your needs and the complexity of your projects.
    • You can hire our services Hourly, Fixed Cost, and Dedicate Hiring basis.

    Flexible Working Models
    Data Protection

    Data Security

    • We are more than happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for any project
    • Project wise team member access
    • Work Area Surveillance.
    • Controlled internet access to the project team
    • Data transfer using secured FTP

    International Reach

    • Extensive working experience throughout the European market, to name a few are France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, United Kingdom, and many others.
    • Experienced with global working culture & international project standards.

    International Reach
    Value for Money

    Value For Money

    • Every project is designed & developed using rapid software development using different frameworks to reduce the time & cost of the project.
    • Preapproval of every timesheet during project executions.
    • Domain expertise available at very competitive rates.
    • Optimum Development cost as compare to your local market.
    • Flexible payment terms.

    Time Zone Advantage

    • We operate as per Central European Time Zone, so our team will be available to work with you during your working hours, ensuring working hand in hand with you as per your availability, helping us to meet your project deadlines. Hence time difference will never hinder any project delivery.
    • If you are in the East Standard Time Zone, then also we can assist you with your projects making sure that delivery of the project has been made before you start your consecutive day.

    Time Zone Advantage


    • At iFlair, we have clients who have been working with us since 8 to 10 years now and have been relying on us with all of their IT needs. We have been receiving projects from them on a daily and weekly basis and we provide them the best solution possible, keeping their trust on us intact for so many years.
    • Every venture or relationship starts somewhere small and that’s what we believe in too. Our clients who have been working with us from years together started with a small project but now we work for them on their Large and Huge sized projects.

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