Which Features of Laravel makes it the Best Choice for PHP Development

Features of Laravel – Which makes it the Best Choice for PHP Development

Apr 20, 2022 |

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Which Features of Laravel makes it the Best Choice for PHP Development

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell in 2011 to make complex coding faster, easier, and seamless for the developers. Laravel is the top trending PHP framework in 2022 because of its intuitive library and flexibility for multiple industrial verticals. Apart from Laravel platform, many other PHP frameworks have forged their mark in creating flawless web and mobile apps

Some of the most popular PHP frameworks that are helping developers to build robust applications are CodeIgniter, Symfony, Ruby on Rails, and many others. But Laravel has gained huge attention from the developers’ communities due to its MVC-based library and flexible coding.

Defining Laravel

Laravel is a web application development framework based on PHP with elegant syntax and expressive coding. With the help of Laravel, the developers can easily reduce repetitive syntax and simplify complex coding with a flexible library.

Laravel Development powers more than 20 million websites across the Internet. Its popularity is based on the robust features and easy-to-manage tools like data collection, data migration, etc. It is based on the Model-View-Component pattern with over 45+K stars on Github.

The features of Laravel are promising and enable the developers to follow the best development practices for their web apps projects. Whether a small project for a start-up or a large project for an enterprise, Laravel offers multiple features with top development practices for all programming languages and projects.

This best PHP framework has a large online community with millions of active users, apart from modern build-up and quick functionality. You will find thousands of forums, hundreds of blogs, and quick online support to resolve your coding issue. The no repetitive code makes this framework easy to apply and maintain throughout the project.

The quick, convenient and faster programming has made it a favorite for most developers across the globe. Let’s check out some of the intuitive features of this framework that made it so popular.

What makes Laravel the best PHP framework?

Laravel development services are one of the most extensively used web development nowadays. Its features include MVC architecture support, high-end security, dynamic engine, database migration system, unit testing, and many other systems. These advanced features make it stand out from the rest of the PHP frameworks.

Let’s check out each feature in detail.

Features of Laravel

1. Dynamic templates

The first and foremost thing that makes Laravel web development more attractive is its lightweight templates. The developers can use these dynamic templates to design beautiful layouts, integrated CSS, and stable structures for JavaScript.

The developers can use these dynamic templates to create flawless web pages and web applications that deliver consistent output with their innovative skills. These dynamic templates enable the developers to change, customize, and clear the layouts without coding instruction.

2. MVC Architecture

The most important feature of Laravel is that it runs on MVC architecture, which makes it more attractive for developers to improve the performance of web pages and web applications. The in-built MVC architecture also enhances the security and scalability of the applications, enabling a smooth run and performance.

Besides flawless performance, it also clarifies the difference between the logic and appearance of the website. It also enhances performance and offers better documentation options to the developers.

3. Object Relational Mapping

The next intuitive feature of this framework is Object Relational Mapping. This feature is simple, yet it holds paramount importance to implement the PHP active code. The ORM encourages the developers to write database queries easily with PHP syntax instead of SQL.

Object Relational Mapping is quicker and smoother in Larval when compared to any other PHP framework. It helps developers deploy sturdy and scalable web pages and web applications without any hassle. The quicker development time makes it the best choice for the developers.

4. Modular Library

Laravel houses in-built Object-Oriented libraries that are not accessible in any other PHP frameworks. You will find multiple functionalities and features in the modular libraries, which are quite simple to implement while creating web pages and applications.

The developers can check functions like the number of active users, the hashing, Cross-site Request Forgery protection, encryption, and resetting the password. Furthermore, the developers can separate these functions into different units adopting the advanced PHP principles to develop responsive and modular web application development.

5. Migration of Data

The developers often need to migrate data from one program to another. Migration of data is also essential for websites that need to be redesigned and redeveloped. As the developers use PHP code instead of SQL, there is no risk of losing important data.

The in-built migration system of Laravel enables the developers to change the database structure with the help of PHP code. The Laravel schema builders enable the programmers to migrate and re-migrate the database without remembering them. The entire process is automatic, and the developers can hassle-free migrate the data without worrying about any loss.

6. Strong security

Strong security is the most important feature of Laravel, and it is a necessity for all websites and web apps. Strong security makes Laravel different from other PHP frameworks, as the data stored in Laravel is protected by using a hashed and salted password system. In Laravel, the developers cannot save the password as plain text.

Nowadays, SQL injection attacks are more common, and business data protection should be the top priority while developing web apps. The developers need to generate encrypted passwords through a hashing algorithm, which ensures high-end security. The developers can also create SQL statements that prevent SQL injection attacks.

7. Integrated Tools

The developers can avoid tedious and repetitive programming tasks with the help of integrated tools. Laravel makes complex jobs simple, like handling the migration of databases and managing diverse database systems.

The developers can also create MVC files through the command line and deal with those assets with their configurations. Thus, the developers can generate command lines and utilize them to make their development easier and smoother.

8. Unit Testing

Testing any web app is a crucial part of any Product Development Life Cycle. Laravel is competent in running multiple unit tests, ensuring that all new modifications are executed properly without affecting the code.

Laravel supports PHP unit and automation testing. This makes testing effortless for the testers, ensuring that all their checks are accomplished smoothly without much hassle.

Final thoughts

The above features reflect the importance of Laravel in web application development. Whether it is a start-up or a large-scale enterprise, Laravel covers all the needs. It makes the development compelling, faster, and scalable. All you need is the best Laravel developers who are well-versed in implementing the excellent features of Laravel.

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