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Special Features

  • Decision Tree
    • We have done high level of coding with AngularJS to create decision tree which allow user to perform following functionality
      • User can create n number of nodes with drag and drop functionality and add question and answers of each of the node of the tree then set short description, topic name and privacy settings for decision tree
      • Temporary decision tree data stored using JSON, so user does not have to start again when he comes after a day or two.
      • User can add image along with question and text with answer
      • User can also have try, preview zoom- in/zoom-out, done and publish options


  • Decision Tree Editing option
    • Undo
    • Redo
    • Mange Node
    • Preview option
    • View in Full Screen
    • Zoom In / Zoom Out
    • Publish Tree
    • Option to print
    • Download as JPG or PDF
  • Subscription Plan
    • Site admin can create different subscription plans and based on that user can purchase subscription plan and access features

iBoske is a project where iflair offered exception technical expertise on client unique requirement to develop “iBoske” decision making product which helps users on decision making with immediate, anytime, quick basis and that helps other users for their knowledge and tailored to their current situation


We have developed iBoske platform which offer three types of users. One is “creators” can create custom decision trees and second one “users” can use theme to take decisions and third one is “admin” who can view all the data and manage overall website.

Technologies Used

  • Laravel + Bootstrap Framework
  • AngularJS for Decision Tree
  • OWL carousel slider
  • JQuery & AJAX
  • JSON
  • MySQL
  • YouTube Video Player Integration
  • Google API Font



  • Private Decision Tree
    • User can subscribe with website and they can create private decision tree with following features:
      • User can print and download decision tree
      • Creator can set private tree for specific users
      • Make decision tree password protected
  • Channels
    • Channels include all Trees like publish and unpublished tree listing.
    • User can manage all tree and editing its tree if tree is not published and manage them.
    • All published decision tree will be displayed in following manner
      • This Week’s New Decision Trees
      • Top Rated Decision Trees
      • Top Trending Decision Trees
      • Most Used Decision Trees
      • Most view User
  • Embed & share:
    • User can have facility to share the tree

  • Search Tree
    • Functionality for searching a decision tree with the name and topic also search user profile.
    • Auto suggest search friendly search engine functionality
    • User can view decision tree on popular topics like Automotive, Aviation , Business , Flying , Technology, Travel etc
  • Browse Decision Tree
    • User can view any tree and adding filters for getting tree by the popular topic, views and Time.
    • Transcription : User can review decision tree information in textual format
  • Purchase Decision Tree
    • User can purchase decision tree and download PDF or JPG file after payment is done
    • Owner of the decision tree will get discount on decision tree purchase
  • Review and Ratings
    • User can add review of the tree and also rate the tree.
  • Blog
    • Application will have a blog section for create blog.

Norman Paulk, Publisher

During the development of my website familystoriesblog.com, I worked with three different companies. Combined programming exceeded 450 hours. While competent, the first two in the United States were expensive and hard to schedule time for my various requests. iFlair solved two of my problems. The charges were in line with my budget and the programmers, using Word Press and Buddy Press, worked within my time constraints. Every new venture has a learning curve. We learned how to deal with the twelve hour time difference between India and the Pacific NW. We communicated by email and when necessary, by phone conference calls. I maintained a worksheet of items that needed to be done. iFlair then responded with things that were finished. After reviewing the work on the iFlair website, I would give the green light to transfer the work to my live site. Our association was satisfying.

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