A List of the Best React Native UI Components and Animation Libraries

Nov 03, 2022 |

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Animations and attractive user interfaces are essential for developers looking to increase user engagement and interactions in a mobile app. Animations can enhance the user experience and make using the app more enjoyable. This same thinking applies to React native app development as well.

Animations are one of several strategies for enhancing user engagement within an app. By using the UI component and animation libraries available for React Native, you can give your users a better experience. We’ll look at some of the key React Native UI Component and Animation libraries in this blog post to see how they might improve user experience. You can use these libraries to build a fantastic app with the aid of a React Native app development company.

Top React Native UI Component Libraries

The following UI Component libraries are the best to use for react native app development:

React Native UI Component (NPM Trends)

React Native Maps

React Native Maps are the ideal option if you want to explore the world more thoroughly with maps. This package offers specific map components for iOS and Android. Developers are free to modify the map style, the map view region, the markers, and other elements that can be overlaid on a map to provide users a unique experience each time.

You can improve your map’s user experience by animating the zoom and positioning with an animated API.


For beginning React Native developers, the open-source projects from this library are a great way to start creating apps. A beginning app and a Twitter Clone app are two examples of these projects. A premium beginning package is also available from this library.

NativeBase has become popular for its mobile-first and accessible React Native UI Components. You may build a reliable design framework that works on both web and mobile platforms with this library. Additionally, it offers a customised selection of components designed especially for React Native UI development.
This UI component library features theme able design principles that work well in both dark and light modes, as well as React Native ARIA accessibility compatibility.

If you want to design advanced website layouts using Toast and other elements like Row, Skeleton, and Column, alongside important UI elements such as icons, overlays, checkboxes, buttons, etc., then NativeBase is the right tool for you. It uses Styled System to help developers create customized Elements that match their specific needs.

React Native Elements

Use this UI component library crossing platforms to easily personalize with avatars, badges, star ratings, overlays, and more. You can also support customized themes in your application. React Native Elements not only aims to give an all-inclusive UI kit for React Native App Development Services, but it also streamlines the process of creating packages by providing a ready-made kit with a reliable API and unified look and feel.

React Native Paper

A flexible component library, React Native Paper may be applied to almost any situation. It offers high-quality components and customizable themes to make the user interface feel native. Not only is Native Paper compatible with IOS and Android ecosystems, but it also is inclusive of features such as readability tools, right to left languages, and screen readers.

React Native Gifted Chat

If you’re skilled in developing chat apps with an attractive UI, the Chat UI library provides customizable components to improve the user experience. Among its features are copying messages and creating avatars for profiles. You can also use this library’s rich media messages to add photos, videos, and GIFs to your conversation threads.

Shoutem UI

The Shoutem UI toolkit allows for complex user interfaces to be created through simple styling procedures, similar to CSS. It has a wide range of themes and components that can be customized to the users’ needs. Additionally, it supports native elements in the app across both Android and IOS platforms.

UI Kitten

If you’re in search of a better design for your user interface, look no further than Ui Kitten. This library is designed specifically according to Eva Design System specifications, making it highly customizable to fit your needs. Appearance matters, so UI kitten comes with light and dark themes, 30+ high-quality UI components that won’t bog down your app,480 Eva icons for beautiful navigation and overlays. With these tools, you can craft a delightful user experience.

Bit for React Native

The Bit is not simply a great library, but also an excellent tool for developing component-driven apps. This powerful and extensible toolchain makes building systems quicker, easier to understand and maintain, as well as simpler to collaborate on.

Bit.dev allows you to track elements and export them to a virtual monorepo, which makes every element accessible and usable for other projects as well. Developers can independently create and maintain them without relying on others.

With Bit, people can create custom apps that fit their specific needs. They can also add or remove elements from existing apps to change how they work. And if they need to make some changes, they don’t need to set up a development environment first.

React Native Animation Libraries

The following React Native animation libraries are the best for React Native app development:

React Native Animation Libraries (NPM Trends)

React Native Animatable

Out of all the available animation libraries, React Native Animatable is the most popular and efficient. It specialises in micro-interactions and operates primarily with generic transitions. With a declarative functional animation style, you can provide your users with an interactive experience that features sliding, looping, and bouncing functions.

React Native Reanimated

React Native Reanimated is a robust animation library that enables developers to create complex, gesture-based animations. It works in conjunction with the Gesture Handler Library to provide an easy-to-use interface for creating interactive animations. With this native thread, you won’t have to reconfigure your code or redo animations for individual elements- making it simpler and more convenient for you. Need an animation library that doesn’t take up a lot of time? Well then, look no further!

React Native Shared Element

React Native Shared Element provides a lot of native building blocks that help with shared element transitions. This means that there will be no flickering, the image will resize properly, the scroll view will not be clipped, and so on. By using this set of primitives, we can make our app run more smoothly overall.


Lottie Wrapper is a mobile library for iOS and Android that allows you to view Adobe After Effects animations natively on your mobile device. Lottie makes beautiful animations smooth and lightweight, easy to transfer from mobile to desktop. With just a few clicks, developers can have creative freedom without sacrificing quality or performance.

React Native Spring

With React Native Spring, you can create physics-based animations that are highly flexible and look great on any platform, including the web, react native, react native web, and more. The flexible conversion of ideas into animations is what surprises us the most about this program. It modernizes how user interfaces are animated and makes data flow in a way that is both creative and visually appealing.


With this library, you can quickly and easily create animations in react native. No matter what property you want to animate, the library will automatically select the best animation for that specific property.

In addition, this library supports unmounting and mounting animations and gestures, similar to a React element. You can find this library available for Vue and ReactJS.

Fluid Transitions for React Navigation

JavaScript libraries are loved by developers for a good reason: they make development faster and easier. This one, in particular, is used to transitions fluidly between components while using the React Navigation library. Executing it creates a new navigator called Fluid Navigator.

Fluid Navigator is the new and improved version of StackNavigator from React Navigation. Its API and configuration are virtually identical to its predecessor, making it an easy transition for users.

This library not only makes customized transitions, but also facilitates gestures for navigation. It allows users to do shared transitions between similar elements that belong to different navigating screens.

Ending Note

React Native’s UI component and animation libraries are designed to make it easier to create user-friendly interfaces, animations, and modifications for apps. The majorities of these libraries has fantastic built-in functionality and are very customisable. If you’re planning on developing a react native app, pick one of these preexisting libraries to enhance your users’ experience.

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