Mobile Application


Built for


Magento 2.4.5



Build for Apple


IOS Swift and Swift-UI for Widget development


Fitness & HealthCare




  • Dynamic Swim Distance Graph :
    • Swim distance statistics and start/end dates are visually presented through a dynamic linear graph. The graph adjusts to the unit set in the Health-Kit application, providing users with a clear representation of their swimming data based on the Swim distance value.
  • Swolf Performance Insights :
    • Users have easy access to a Swolf graph, offering insights into various performance stages. This feature allows for comprehensive tracking and analysis of swimming performance, enhancing the user’s understanding of their achievements.
  • Seamless Widget Integration :
    • Widget support is seamlessly integrated into the application using Swift-UI and widget extension in iOS. Users can personalize their experience by adding medium and large widgets, displaying essential data for quick access and convenience.


Our team has successfully created a robust and user-friendly mobile application and Widget tailored for iOS users. This innovative application seamlessly integrates with the default iOS Health-Kit application, providing users with a comprehensive platform to effectively manage and track health and swimming-related data with unparalleled precision. Specifically designed to cater to the needs of swimmers, the application presents users with a detailed overview of their swimming activities.

End users can easily access information such as swim distance, calories burned during each workout, and the duration of each session. The application meticulously records and displays swim laps, presenting users with a clear and organized view of their swimming performance. Moreover, the application showcases different swim styles through a visually appealing display of colors and corresponding values, enhancing the overall user experience. With a focus on precision and user-friendly features, our iOS application offers a seamless and comprehensive solution for individuals looking to monitor and improve their swimming and overall health.

  • Workout Highlight Function :
    • The application features a highlight function, enabling users to view their best timeline for each workout. Key metrics such as best distance time, average distance time, and more are showcased, providing valuable insights into users’ swimming achievements.
  • Styling Options for Swim Styles :
    • A styling feature is implemented, allowing users to explore and visualize different swim styles corresponding to their workout sessions. This enhances the overall user experience and personalization of the application.
  • Subscription Purchase Options :
    • The application boasts a convenient purchase feature offering two subscription options: monthly and yearly. Users can effortlessly acquire their preferred subscription through their Apple ID, ensuring a secure sign-in with their registered Apple ID and password for a hassle-free purchase process. Additionally, Apple Pay is seamlessly integrated for in-app purchases, providing users with a swift and secure transaction experience. This enhancement further streamlines the subscription process, making it even more convenient for users to access the application’s premium features.

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