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Magento 2.3


Kitchen and Bathroom accessories like Sinks, Shower Doors, Kitchen Faucets



Special Features

  • Flooring
    • Developed a special type of Product “Flooring products”
    • Provided Calculate my square footage functionality that calculates required box and price to purchase that flooring.
    • Customers can add length and width measurement and they will get the number of boxes needed and their total cost.
    • You can use the calculated boxes by clicking use this amount and it will the required Sq. Ft. for your flooring
  • Magebees Quotation
    • Customized MageBees Quotation Manager Extension and designed for B2B sellers.
    • It allows Product Pricing Adjustment for B2B sellers and admin can manage product pricing.
    • Provides the ability to calculate shipping rates in real-time for each quote request based on the buyer’s location and admin can manage On-Fly Shipping Rate for quote.
  • Bulk Buying Options for B2B
    • Enables wholesale buyers to request customizations and negotiate bulk purchase deals.
    • You can select the desired quantity and it will show the discounted price for bulk purchase.
    • “Request for Quote” Option in addition to “Add to Cart” offers B2B buyers the option to request a formal quote.


  • B2B, and B2C both sales option available in here.
  • B2B has a feature to purchase the product with special offer, and have a special discount available for the same.
  • There is a special login available for dealers, and a simple login for customers for the same.
  • Category Page Layout for specific categories, namely “Handle,” “Drain System,” and “Bathroom Mirror.”
  • Distinct Layouts for each of the mentioned categories, ensuring that the visual and structural elements of the pages align with the unique characteristics and products associated with these categories.

Key Features

  • Mageworx (Advance Product Option)
    • Customer Group-Based Custom Options to products based on customer groups. This means that certain custom options for products will be available to specific customer groups only.
    • Customer Group-Specific Product Pricing structure where the cost of products can vary depending on the customer group. Each customer group should have its own defined pricing for products.
    • Admin Order Interface Enhance the admin-side order management interface to display custom option SKUs prominently after each custom option.
  • Special Offer Page Creation.
    • Special Offer Page Creation Established a dedicated web page for special promotions.
    • Discounted Tier Quantity Products with discounted pricing based on tier quantities within this (Special offer) category.
    • Customized Tier Pricing Layout presentation by implementing a Quantity drop-down feature.
    • Applied Customer Group-Based Discounts that are contingent on specific customer grouping levels.

We have successfully launched a Magento 2 E-commerce store that sales Kitchen and Bathroom accessories like Sinks, Shower Doors, and Kitchen Faucets. This project beautifully showcases our commitment to providing customers with an effortless shopping experience while prioritizing sustainability and eco-friendliness.

This website have capabilities of Magento 2 and ensuring the highest product quality. Our store utilizes Magento’s inventory management system to keep track of stock levels. This ensures that customers receive nothing but the kitchen and bathroom products in the market. Additionally, we incorporate customer reviews and ratings to foster trust and transparency in our operations.

In our Magento 2 store, we employ pricing strategies and promotions that guarantee pricing across all products. Customers can explore product categories. Discover choices that fit their budget while having confidence, in obtaining excellent value for their money.

Technologies Used

  • Database: MySQL
  • CMS Technologies: Magento 2
  • Back-end Technologies: PHP
  • Front-end Technologies: HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jquery

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