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Virtalent operates as a distinguished enterprise offering specialized Virtual Assistant services to its esteemed clients. The company boasts an exclusive platform dedicated to proficiently managing a spectrum of activities. These encompass tailored pricing strategies, comprehensive coordination arrangements, and an expansive assembly of over 100 adept professionals constituting the Virtual Assistant panel, an extensive collection of more than 100 custom UI/UX pages, and the development of a unique platform that aligns seamlessly with SEO optimization principles. The official Virtalent website serves as a primary gateway, effectively introducing the array of services extended by Virtalent. It serves the dual purpose of offering insights into the scope of Virtalent’s offerings and furnishing valuable guidance on optimal utilization of their services.


  • Seamless migration of custom PHP business to top-tier enterprise WordPress solution while preserving functionality.

  • Comprehensive end-to-end Meetup plugin creation and integration for enhanced user experience.

  • Development of a tailored pricing plugin catering to end users, delivering a robust enterprise-grade solution.

  • Crafted platform development to precisely meet unique client specifications, ensuring optimal UI/UX design.

Enterprise WordPress Solutions

Wordpress and Magento website design

WordPress Migration

Our enterprise-level WordPress solution excels in seamlessly migrating old sites into WordPress, even from custom PHP platforms. Our expert team ensures a smooth transition while introducing new features. We've created custom blocks for an enhanced user experience.

Custom plug-in development

Custom Plugins Development

Uniqueness is paramount for business success. Our custom plugin solutions are tailored to your specific needs, setting your business apart. We offer enterprise-level support by creating custom pricing plugins and comprehensive end-to-end meetup plugins to enhance business growth.

Application Scalability


Our solution offers seamless editor management, empowering clients to oversee all aspects from their end with ease. This streamlined approach enhances operational efficiency and control within the enterprise environment.

Optimum performance

Performance Optimizations

At our enterprise level, top-notch performance is our core focus. We optimize server response times through strategies such as database enhancements, efficient Content Delivery Network (CDN) usage, adept caching management, advanced image optimization, lazy loading implementation, and meticulous server-side process refinement. This methodology ensures that our enterprise-grade WordPress development accurately identifies the ideal website foundation and functional structure. The result is an incredibly robust website that operates seamlessly, even during periods of high visitor traffic.

Code Testing Services

Comprehensive Security Testing Using Burp Suite

Perform comprehensive security testing using Burp Suite on the WordPress enterprise website. Cover vulnerabilities like SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), CSRF, and sensitive data exposure. Employ active scanning, manual testing, and automated checks to identify and mitigate security risks. Prioritize remediation based on the criticality of findings. Regularly update and retest to ensure ongoing security resilience.

Our WordPress Solution

  • WordPress blocks and components
  • WordPress CI/CD
  • Rest API
  • Security Testing (BURP)

Success Result

The enterprise WordPress solution yielded increased website traffic and improved content management, driving substantial business growth. Virtalent successfully transformed its custom PHP-based business into a top-tier enterprise WordPress solution, achieving seamless migration, enhanced user experience with custom plugins, impeccable scalability, and outstanding performance optimization. The result is a robust, high-performing website that aligns with SEO principles, setting new standards in the service sector in Europe.


  • WordPress + Laravel
  • Database : MySQL

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