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Magento 2.4





Special Features

  • Data Migration
    • Total Product: 5000+
    • Total Orders: 3500+
    • Total Customers: 100+
    • Total Categories: 250+
  • Theme Integration
    • Pearl theme integration.
    • Fly to the cart feature while adding product to the cart.
  • Discount Coupon
    • Discount coupon on the cart products.
    • 11% discount on newsletter subscribers.
  • Amasty Extension
    • Amasty Extension installation to manage product and order grid.
    • The module enables to safely delete or archive any orders.
    • Archive any orders in accordance with a custom schedule and display them on a separate page. .


  • Related Products
    • Added Hello Retail Extension script to display the same popular(Related) products for all the products.Installation of the Hello Retail Extension to improve and personalize the shopping experience of web-shop visitors and customers.
  • Live Chat
    • This website supports a live chat system.
    • Any user have a question about the product, they will directly connect with the admin and ask their question.
  • Custom attribute using firebear configurable extension
    • Swatch color as per the user requirement to change product name, SKU, image, price and URL.

  • Search Functionality
    • This website have advanced search functionality, so customer can search for any product from the entire store and get results accordingly.
    • We provide customers with additional functionality in search, allowing them to easily search for any product brand name from there.
  • Sticky Functionality
    • We have developed a custom sticky section in the product detail page that stays at the top when scrolling through the product page. It helps user to know the basic information about a product while scrolling away from the top section where these information is positioned.
    • Additionally, we provide Sticky functionality on the homepage.
  • Payment Gateway
    • Payment gateway integration – Klarna payment method in the checkout page

Key Features

  • Version upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4
    • Fixed hundreds of known issues in the latest version for better performance.
    • All the project libraries and dependencies are now compatible with PHP 8.1
    • jQuery library version upgraded to 3.6 and jQuery-ui library upgraded to 1.13.0
    • Enable inventory check on cart load configuration option to skip the inventory check for faster checkout.
  • Dashboard data in graphical representation
    • Informative presentation.
    • Rates & changes reports analysis.
    • Enhanced advanced reports.
    • High compatibility.
    • Report dashboard mobile-friendly.
    • Drag & resize report dashboards.
  • Shown customer’s Yotpo reviews
    • Collect reviews, ratings, photos, and Questions & Answers from your customers.
    • Increase conversion rate by showcasing customer content onsite, product page as well.

  • Mailchimp to send bulk email to customer related to promotions, events, offers etc
    • Communicate with customers at exactly the right time.
    • Track customers from signup to purchase.
    • Turn website visitors into customers.
    • Increase traffic to your site and drive repeat purchases.
  • Wyomind Datafeed Manager Extension
    • Export your products into any data feed type: csv, txt and xml.
    • Include all product types: simple, configurable, grouped, bundle and custom types.
    • Create multi-stores, multi-currencies, multi-VAT-rates data feeds.
    • Preview your data feeds and use the syntactic helper to avoid misprints.
    • Add any Magento 2 attribute to your pattern.
    • Use or/ and statements in your filters.
    • Add any PHP option.
  • Mageplaza SEO Extension
    • Decrease duplicated content.
    • Increase site traffic.
    • Improve site ranking.
    • Build customer’s trusts.

Vä is an E-commerce platform developed in Magento 2, which have a wide range of products like Hand Bag, Leather Bag, Tourist Bag etc. On the home page, we are displaying products in customize sections like, Selected for you, Best Seller and so on. We also display all brand’s logos on the home page along with customer reviews.

For a better search experience, we are allowing user to search for products with brand names, so they will get the result for the selected brand only. On the product detail page, we have an additional functionality where we display the add to cart button as a sticky bar on the top of the page so users can easily add products to their cart. Furthermore, users not only post reviews for any products, but also ask questions to the store owner if they have any doubts or questions related to any products.

Technologies Used

  • Database:- MySQL
  • CMS Technologies: Magento 2
  • Back-end Technologies: PHP
  • Front-end Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery, Ajax
  • Search Engine: Elastic Search

We have customized the product list page and are displaying the category description on the top of the page. It directly allows the user to add product/products to the cart for simple products, but for configurable products, it redirects to the detail page to select color, size, and other options before adding the product to the cart.


This website have a live chat support system for users, so users can directly contact our sales team and ask their questions directly.

Dylan Fox

iFlair has impressed me time and time again with their thoroughness and professionalism. It is common for outsourced technical projects to be rushed through and then forgotten about, but this is not the case whatsoever with iFlair. The team at iFlair makes your project their own and you don't need to hold their hand while they work on your project, they can ``figure things out`` which is a crucial skill for outsourced technical teams. All of your inquiries are responded to almost immediately, and they are always willing to put in the extra time and extra work to make sure your project is successful and delivered on time.

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