Web Application


Built for


Code Igniter, PHP, My SQL


Marketplace & Service Concepts



Special Features

  • User can search the assignment types by Projects, Advisory, Supports, & Hire an employee.
  • User can set the Budget range, Specific country, Assignment location, Work location type, Assignment Types, Languages & Profiles.
  • User can access the IT software related projects like: Website Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, Designing, etc.
  • User can find recruiters based on technology preferences.


  • If user is registering as a BUYER than he/she can buy the services from the IT Crowd Source platform, user can see the ample of list from seller side that have been registered on the same site for selling their services for an IT domain.
  • User can also see the reviews and rating for each and every seller on the platform and based on that user can select the seller for particular task.

Same cycle for SELLER, if user wants to sell or provide the IT related services from the platform.He/she can register on the platform and select the criteria which suit their profiles. After successful registration and profile completion user can update his/her portfolio about the work and skill level proficiency.In a nutshell, iFlair has made one stop solution for all IT related services where people can come and expand the business tech tics.

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • Code Igniter
  • My SQL



  • Buyer
    • Select the various services
    • Choose the seller as per the skill level
    • Rate and review the seller based on the services and experience
    • Chat with the seller
    • Make the payment as per the platform’s terms conditions
    • Buyer will put the payment using ESCROW method
  • Seller
    • Mention the services as per the skills and professional experience
    • Update the costing structure for buyers
    • Set the particular milestone for buyers if connected
    • Get payment notification from buyers for getting payment as per the milestone
    • Here, seller will get the payment after realizing from ESCROW
    • Chat with the buyer

  • Admin
    • Admin can manage the whole profile of buyer & seller
    • Full privileges to accept and decline the changes from both sides (Here : Buyer & Seller)
    • Update the commission structure periodically
    • Set & manage the website traffic
    • Manage the payment gateway thought the website
  • Back Office Management
    • Analytical Dashboard
    • Statistics of Buyer and Seller
    • Top 10 Rated Buyer & Seller information
    • User Management – Buyer and Seller
    • Project and Service Management
    • CMS Management
    • System / User Email Management
    • Review and Rating
    • Settings – Configuration, Commissions, Promotions

Robert Roos, CEO IT Crowdsource

All my projects at IFlair are executed with great satisfaction. The teams are behaving really professional and the work they are delivering is simply stunning. After many years of searching I've finally found a proper web development company with a no nonsense attitude! The workers are very creative and actively helping me to enhance my projects. I truly believe that this is one of the core powers of this organization. They are always thinking along with the customer and providing the right guidance during projects. This organization encompasses a broad set of specialized skills. Therefore they are able to offer end-to end support for all my projects. IFlair is a very reliable supplier that delivers qualitative products! A top class organization.

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