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Special Features

  • Integrate map
    • On the home page, we’ve integrated a map to show the location of the offline store for the same.
  • Quick view
    • We’ve implemented a quick view on the product listing page to see the product’s details by staying on that particular page itself.
  • Recently viewed product
    • On the product detailed page, at the bottom of that page we’ve shown recently viewed products that help user to see their viewed products for the same.
  • Gift card
    • On the checkout page, we’ve implemented a gift card option in which if users have a gift card, they can able to use the same and avail amazing discounts on the products.


  • image based on color
    • on the product listing page, we’ve customized it in such a way that it shows the image of the product based on the color that has been selected by the user for the same.
  • Size chart
    • There is a size chart available on the product page that helps the user to select sizes properly. And that chart helps to choose the correct size for the same.
  • Image zoom
    • On the product detailed page, we’ve implemented an image-zoom effect through which the image will be visible properly.
  • 10% Off on registering
    • By registering with the website through name, and email address user can avail 10% discount which can be used at the time of the purchase.

Key Features

  • Return policy
    • For all the products there are 7-day return policy that we’ve implemented through which if the product is not as expected or for any reason if the user wants to return that facility is available on the website.
  • Similar products
    • On the product detailed page, we’ve implemented similar products’ listing under “You may also like”, in that user will get multiple options with the same category of the products.
  • Filter
    • On the product detailed page, we’ve implemented a filter in which we can filter the product based on color, price, availability, size, product type, and a lot more.

Oh, Honey Boutique is a USA-based online, and offline store that sells clothes for women in all types of categories.

It is a Shopify-based ecommerce website in which we’ve implemented functionality such as Quick View, recently viewed products, and similar products that are available on the product detailed page, and make sure that the User Experience remains seamless throughout the flow of the website from product view to the product purchased.

Technologies Used

  • CMS Technology: Shopify
  • Back-end language : Liquid
  • Front-end languages : HTML, CSS, JS
  • Theme : Impulse

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