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Travel Management Systems (TMS) provides an integral solution for the travel industry. TMS platform confers a tactical edge to enterprises within this sector, empowering not only sizeable entities but also small and medium-sized travel agencies to carve out a commanding digital footprint, rivaling even the most prominent competitors, and all while upholding judicious fiscal management. Demonstrating prowess by TMS, engineered over 170 bespoke travel websites and adeptly oversee a vast portfolio of more than 50,000 properties and a staggering 10,00,000 cruise particulars. These facets collectively empower travel agents to not only amplify business expansion but also to grasp prospective revenues for growth, thereby augmenting their distinct brand image. Leveraging the central database TMS have meticulously developed, its seamless integration extends effortlessly to every agent website, eliminating any operational hindrances.


  • Establishing a system to aggregate travel data from diverse platforms into a centralized database and dynamically display it on partner websites.
  • Developing intricate agent-specific mechanisms to showcase holiday packages and tour records on respective websites.
  • Implementing an enterprise-level editorial workflow for collaborative content creation and advanced advertising strategies.
  • Introducing a cutting-edge feature enabling real-time customization and printing of holiday packages.
  • Crafting custom offers emails with dynamic templates and complex UI/UX, tailored to individual preferences.


Enterprise WordPress Solutions

Database Design

Centralize Database Management

Using the different platforms collect the holiday packages and tours thousands of data in one centralized database. Every week one auto CRON trigger for retrieval and synchronize properties feeds in some interval time and manage. This process handles around 30000 to 40,000 records for that provide performance driven solution by database indexing and query optimization. Show data using Rest API in multiple sites.

Rich custom-development solutions

Multilingual & Multisite Development Solution

The enterprise-level solution simplifies the handling of content across different languages and the creation of multiple websites, empowering companies to effectively connect with diverse international audiences. By ensuring seamless language changes and centralized content management, the expansion into new markets becomes a streamlined and influential endeavor.

Marketing Email Automation

Personalized Package Emails: Automate the creation of personalized marketing emails, dynamically generated based on user-selected holiday packages, delivering bespoke content that resonates. Seamless Mailchimp Integration: Utilize generated content directly in Mailchimp through shortcode integration, allowing easy import of meticulously crafted email templates for future marketing endeavors.

Custom web development

iFrame & Custom UI/UX

Elevate user engagement with cutting-edge iFrame integration and bespoke layout designs that seamlessly showcase enticing holiday offers, ensuring an immersive browsing experience.

Theme and feature integrations

Bespoke & Standard Cross Site Integration

Empower your travel platform with both tailored and industry-standard cross-site integration solutions, bridging functionalities across platforms for comprehensive user interaction.

API designing and development

Latecard API Feeds Styling & Integration

Harness the dynamic potential of Latecard API feeds, available in XML or JSON, elegantly blending them into your website's design for real-time, stylized display of holiday offerings.

Optimum performance

Performance Optimizations

Elevate your digital presence with our enterprise-level WordPress development service, tailored for optimal performance within corporate environments. Seamlessly orchestrating intricate database management, strategic caching, and image optimization, our solution refines server-side processes to perfection. Navigating surges in visitor traffic is effortless, as our expertise ensures a seamless user experience. Experience the epitome of reliability, speed, and scalability through our comprehensive approach to enterprise WordPress development.

Integrated enterprise functioning

CRM and ERP Integration

Efficient Inquiry Management: Seamlessly integrate CRM functionality to efficiently manage and respond to every inquiry, ensuring streamlined communication and exceptional customer experience. Provide the Trip Quote facility to agent to create quotations for their clients and then can communicate on the site which can be send as an email. Synchronize email and online communication. Customize PDF offer quote based on customer request. Automated Quote Generation: Seamlessly convert inquiries into quotes by leveraging CRM data, providing a swift and personalized response to potential customers, enhancing conversion rates.

Custom plug-in development

Custom Plugins Development:

Our enterprise-level solution revolves around the development of tailor-made plugins that specifically address the distinct needs of your business. These plugins are meticulously crafted to enhance and extend functionality, seamlessly integrating with your existing system infrastructure. They introduce a range of advanced features, including highly refined search functionalities, user-specific dashboards, and effortless synchronization with third-party applications. This harmonious integration of components collectively contributes to a heightened and superior user experience.

Code Testing Services

Comprehensive Security Testing Using Burp Suite

Perform comprehensive security testing using Burp Suite on the WordPress enterprise website. Cover vulnerabilities like SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), CSRF, and sensitive data exposure. Employ active scanning, manual testing, and automated checks to identify and mitigate security risks. Prioritize remediation based on the criticality of findings. Regularly update and retest to ensure ongoing security resilience.


Robust Security Measures

Implement cutting-edge security techniques to guarantee the safety and integrity of websites. Enhance security by relocating WordPress core files and folders away from the root directory. Implement fine-tuned file permission changes to bolster security protocols.

Design and blueprint creation

Streamlined Holiday Package Printing

Generate comprehensive holiday package details in a professional PDF format. Flexible page size selection options, including A4, A5, and auto-fit for optimal printing. Customize formatting elements such as styles, fonts, colors, and images to match branding. Offer print preview and settings functionalities for impeccable output.

Multi-tenant architecture

WP Architectures

Centralize Database Management system is mange for the tours and holidays customized data and show into the different travel agents websites. Integrate a Late Card

Project management support

Custom Properties Management

Retrieval of Holiday Property List Bespoke management of Holiday Packages Agent have choice to select feature offers on Homepage

Personalized TV Advertisement Campaigns

Generate individualized TV URLs for agents to ensure targeted marketing. Showcase enticing holiday offers through dynamic sliding displays.

Our WordPress Solution

  • WordPress Accessibility

  • WordPress CI/CD

  • Cross Platform Support

  • WP-CLI

  • Multi-environment DevOps process/WordPress CI/CD

  • Scalability

  • Web Application Development

  • Rest API

  • Content Delivery (API)

Success Result

TMS exemplifies a superior and effortless solution, seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge technologies. TMS commitment to security is manifested in the thorough scrutiny of websites, ensuring an impregnable digital environment. These collective efforts converge to establish an online platform that empowers enterprises to not only attract a wider clientele but also to foster remarkable business expansion.


  • WordPress + Laravel
  • Database : MySQL

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