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MeetinGuru is a comprehensive enterprise solution offering advanced event management and restaurant reservation services. Our platform empowers users to seamlessly register, schedule, and organize events, all within a location-based framework supported by Google Maps integration. The intuitive interface includes robust search and filtering options for both events and restaurants, while proactively notifying users about upcoming events. A customized dashboard, along with a secure OTP-enabled login/registration system, enhances user experience. Our architecture not only ensures optimal performance but also adheres to SEO best practices. Overcoming challenges, we’ve successfully implemented a robust notification system for timely alerts on newly scheduled events.


  • Login/Registration Page:
    • User login or registration with OTP process will take place.
  • Home Page:
    • Users can create/search an event and Upcoming events or
      events nearby you will list in home page.
  • Events History Page:
    • User can view all events along with past and upcoming events.
  • Locations Page:
    • View list of locations and direction to reach that location on Google Map via path drawn.

  •  My Profile Page:
    • Users can update their details.
  •  My Profile Page:
    • Users can update their details.
  • My Profile Page:
    • Users can update their details.
  • Logout & Search Event Functionality:
    • Users can logout from the website with the help of logout button & search particular event in advanced search bar.


  • Expertly handle intricate database specifications for specialized needs within the enterprise.
  • Seamlessly incorporate Google Maps integration featuring multiple event displays and robust search APIs for enhanced user experience.
  • Enable users to access discounts by scanning QR Codes at diverse restaurants.

Enterprise WordPress Solutions

API designing and development

Content Delivery (API)

Streamline event management and enhance user experiences with our robust Content Delivery API. Seamlessly manage a wide array of events through the API, ensuring smooth coordination and accessibility. From scheduling to real-time updates, our enterprise-level solution empowers you to effortlessly showcase events, enriching the user end with timely and engaging content.

Cross Platform Application Development

Cross Platform Support

Experience unparalleled versatility with our enterprise-level Cross Platform Support. Empower your business to thrive across diverse platforms, seamlessly catering to various user preferences. Our solution ensures consistent and optimized performance, allowing your applications to effortlessly operate on different devices and environments. Elevate your reach and impact with our cutting-edge Cross Platform Support, delivering a unified experience across the enterprise landscape.

Data Management services

Data Management

Revolutionize your data infrastructure through our cutting-edge Database Management service. Our enterprise solution introduces bespoke dashboard management, granting you unprecedented control over essential insights. Complementing this, we offer meticulously tailored login and registration features, complete with OTP integration. The ensuing database modifications are adeptly handled by our expert team, guaranteeing a secure and streamlined system that aligns seamlessly with your enterprise requirements.

Performance Optimizations

Enhance your online visibility with our enterprise WordPress development service, meticulously designed for superior performance in corporate settings. Our solution optimizes complex database operations, strategic caching, and image enhancement, delivering flawless server-side processes. Effortlessly manage high visitor volumes with our expertise, ensuring a smooth user experience. Trust in our comprehensive approach for top-tier reliability, speed, and scalability.

Rich Frontend and Backend Solution

Comprehensive Security Testing Using Burp Suite

Perform a comprehensive security assessment on the WordPress enterprise website using Burp Suite. This will involve thorough evaluation of vulnerabilities like SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, and sensitive data exposure through a blend of automated scans, manual scrutiny, and active checks. Prioritize mitigation based on severity, with ongoing updates and regular retesting to ensure sustained security strength.

Back Office Management

  • CMS Management
  • Create Event Management
  • Login/Registration Management
  • Home Page Management
  • My profile Page Management
  • Notification CMS Management
  • QR Code Management
  • Location Management
  • Latest Event put up

Our WordPress Solution

  • WordPress blocks and components
  • WP Architectures
  • Multi-environment DevOps process/WordPress CI/CD
  • AWS/Cloud Hosting Support
  • Custom Plugins Development
  • WordPress CI/CD
  • WP-CLI
  • Scalability
  • Rest API

Success Result

An enterprise WordPress solution has shown remarkable success, offering scalability and robust features that enhance business agility and online presence. MeetinGuru successfully addressed complex enterprise needs by offering a comprehensive WordPress solution that streamlined event management, enhanced user experiences, and optimized performance. With features like Content Delivery API, Cross Platform Support, Data Management, Performance Optimizations, and robust security testing, we achieved top-tier reliability, scalability, and security, ensuring a successful enterprise-level platform for event management and restaurant reservations.

Key Features

  • Database:- My SQL
  • Technology: WordPress -Development
  • Web Frontend :- Responsive HTML, CSS & JavaScript

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