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United Kingdom

Special Features

  • Craftsman & Students able to register and upload & manage their products after purchase subscription over site.
  • The craftsman will be charged on a monthly subscription basis as per the three pricing packages:
    • Package 1 (30 euros monthly fee + VAT)
    • Package 2 (50 euros monthly fee + VAT)
    • Premium Package (Talk to Us for a customized solution)
  • Visitor is able to filter product by product category, availability, color, materials, size & weight.


  • PayPal integration for subscription [Recurring payment] for different packages
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Blog Posts Integration
  • Social media Integration

FindCraft is a one stop portal for the discovery of exceptional hand- crafted products made by UK based artisans. The mission of FindCraft is to assist craftsmen with outsourcing their online marketing in order to increase their online sales and expose their brand name.

It is a platform where users can navigate and find hand-crafted products. Each product will belong to a craftsman. The user will be able to view the products and be redirected to the actual craftsman page (affiliate).

Technologies Used

  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • HTML, CSS, Jquery & Ajax
  • WordPress

Key Features

  • Buyer / Visitor
    • Select various products as per their different categories
      & sub-categories
    • Choose popular or featured products from the list
    • Perform various filters on products as per the following:
      • Product Price
      • Product Country
      • Product Availability
      • Product Color
      • Product Materials
      • Product Size
      • Product Weight
    • Buyer will check more details about the particular
      craftsman or seller
  • Craftsmen
    • Create their account in the portal by selecting the
      particular ‘Package’ from the system.
    • Craftsmen can link all their social media platform
      accounts regarding their work post from the system like:

      • Facebook
      • Instagram
      • Pinterest
      • Website
    • Craftsmen will add various products by their different
      categories along with their specific price and description
      of that particular product.
    • Admin will verify the particular ‘Craftsmen’ account details
      as they mentioned at the time of registration and on that
      basis, admin will approve / reject the account request of
      particular craftsmen.

  • Students
    • Student will create their account on behalf of the particular craftsmen and they can promote all the work of the particular craftsmen from the system.
  • Products
    • Individual Product Page
    • Product images along with the zoom functionality
    • Products can be listed by their different categories & sub
    • Description from Craftsmen about the product and
      product maker
  • Admin
    • Admin can manage the complete profile of craftsmen &
    • Manage all the products from the system
    • Admin approve / rejects the account request of particular
      craftsmen & students
    • Manage all the subscription packages from the system
  • Back Office Management
    • Analytical Dashboard
    • Statistics of Craftsmen & Students
    • CMS Management
    • System / User Email Management
    • Settings
    • Configurations
    • Promotions

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