Mobile Application


Built for


Angular 14, Nodejs, Firebase


Scaffolding services


United Kingdom (London)

Special Features

  • Refund and subscription
    • We have integrated stripe payment for refund and subscription
  • Job-quote image:
    • Client and team member can add images to specific job quote.


  • Job quote
    • A client can create a job quote. Where a client can add a quantity of the different types of material for scaffolding. It calculates the job quote on basis of the quantity of material in the job quote. It calculates job quotes using predefined costs in material costs and weeks.
  • Material cost
    • A client can add the cost of different materials for job quote calculation. Admin can create predefined cost for material costs for all client.
  • Customer and team member
    • A client can add customers and team members. Customers can approve job quotes and approve erection dates. A team member can upload job quote image.
  • FAQ
    • Client and Admin can create Faq for customer and team member.

Key Features

  • Single login and Registration
    • Simple Login and login with Google. From simple login is so much simplified and can identify which role is going to sign in according to role user is route to specific page.
  • Robust Roleguard
    • We have created robust role guard per page for accessibility for every role for every pages in application. It doesn’t allow you to route to specific page if user is not authorized to view that page.
  • Subscription and refund system
    • We have integrated stripe payment for refund and subscription. Client can upgrade and downgrade subscription pack. Admin can refund the amount back to client.
  • Due Diligence Document
    • Client and Admin can upload due diligence to firestore storage from application.

We have been developing this application on Angular 14 and Firebase. Escaff app mainly focus on providing scaffold services (job quote calculation, material cost, temporary job quote, client can add team members and customers and image upload to specific job quote). It provides platform for different scaffold company to serve services to its customers.

Mainly there are four type of roles (admin, client, customer, team member). Admin can view all customers, client and its transaction and can set base material cost. Client can create or view or update job quote, create or view or update customer, upgrade or downgrade subscription, can upload due diligence document. Customer can approve or view job quotes, can view client due diligence document, can approve erection date. A team member can view or upload job images to a job quote.

Technologies Used

  • Cloud Technology: Firebase
  • Programming Language: Typescript
  • JavaScript Framework: Angular 14
  • Back-end Technologies: Nodejs

Frank Jorgensen

So far our work with iflair has been exemplary. They manage to keep deadlines, dokument and keep multiple projects going.

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