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Magento 2.4


Online Medical Supply and Equipment Store



Special Features

  • Enhanced customer registration
    • We setup customer registration with the security of Google reCAPTCHA with email confirmation.
  • Customize wish list and requisition list
    • We developed a proper wish-list functionality with move to cart and move to quote functionalities so that customers can easily further proceed even faster.
  • Product price by customer id
    • In this, we developed functionality to assign a discounted product price by customer ID.
  • PDF forms in category
    • A customer can add data in PDF form and submit it. This PDF form will be filled up with dynamic data and attached to an email on submit.


  • Custom Extension for Product Price
    • In this extension, we developed the functionality of product price. This client just needs to add a csv of product skus with three price criteria of qty of 1-5, 6-10, and 11-999999 and assign customer id and price update automatically for the approved customer by cron.
  • Email & quote PDF customization
    • customized quote extension to send emails to customers and add functionality of three PDF attachments named “primary quote,” “cost quote,” and “retail quote” with different needed content as all attachments have different prices based on criteria.
  • Customer attribute display in admin grid sidebar.
    • A custom attribute type (image upload, file upload) was created for the product and displayed in the locations specified. Also, with the help of this attribute, we have setup pdf forms in categories.

  • Convert quote to order request
    • In this feature, we setup functionality so that after placing a quote request, customers do not need to place an order again, they just need to accept and checkout to place an order request. so that customers can easily place orders within a minimum range of time.
  • Customize and Create New Email Templates for Order Emails Customer Emails
    • We customized email templates as per client requirements and also created new email templates for when customers create an account, customer approvals, order emails, quote emails etc.

Key Features

  • Theme customization
    • As per requirements,we developed child theme of the default Luma theme and implement them all over the site.
  • Search functionality
    • This website has advanced search functionality so customers can search for any product and get results accordingly, even faster.
  • One step checkout
    • We simplified the checkout process of our website by setting up a one-step checkout. This entire checkout process is completed using a single form on one page.
  • Module customization
    • We modify the existing functionality as per client requirements.

We have developed a Magento E-commerce website which has a wide range of medical equipment. It is fully responsive and the PWA website contains 4000+ products in 90+ categories . On this website we customized several functionalities, such as quote request, order request, email templates, product price criteria as per client requirements , pdf forms, etc. One of the extensions we created is a client-operated custom extension of product price. We also developed a quote extension for quote requests and developed many other functionallities. This website basically allows users to search for products, review all details and place an order. Additionally, if any customer has any query regarding any product, we provide an option to place a quotation, so they will get all the necessary information about that product before purchasing.

Technologies Used

  • CMS Technology: Magento 2.4
  • Front-end Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery.
  • Back-end technology: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Search Engine: ElasticSearch

This website has active One Step checkout extension for the convince of the user while placing the order. Further more, we have customized the wish list section and display custom tab Requisition List along with Wish List. This website have advance search functionality so customer can search any product and get result accordingly.


On this website we provide different prices for different customers. An additional discounted price will be shown only for logged-in users. The list price and single unit cost differ, and the product price decreases as quantity increases. We have three different types of product prices for customers to choose from: primary price, cost price, and retail price. In addition, we have set up a discount for approved customers based on our Quantity criteria.


Apart from this, on this website, we developed countless functionalities and features for building this website.

Dylan Fox

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