Traveling and biding website


Client wanted to create vacation rental sites as a part to expand his business and wanted to offers a vast range of irresistible vacation rentals worldwide and also for most discerning travelers who can search for a perfect vacation rental, and lease for beachfront condo, romantic cottage, luxury villa, or an upscale townhome.

The main challenge was to create interface of API. With this API user should able to maintain his account with simultaneously and Client also wanted to maintain 2 types of account and 4 types of subscription for his site, the challenge was, user can switch over his account or subscription at anytime. User should be also able to launch his property as featured listing property, flat subscription or Payperclick subscription. They should be able to maintain their property to attract their guest. Client also wanted to integrate auction feature for the property to make the more business during the pick-up time to get the maximum revenue from the website.


We have developed the website in such a way that user who are looking for vacation rental property can first register as guest and later on they can switch over their account to access advance feature of the site. User can get choice of 2 kinds of account, vacation rental subscription and featured subscription. For vacation rental subscription user can made his property enable in “Property Listing” as well he can create auction for the property. For featured listing subscription user can put his property as featured for the site to attract people. We have also introduces advertisement feature as the part of promotion of site.

From our application, registered user can also launch their own properties to our website and if visitors or guest or any other registered user would like that property for their vacation then they will send request to owner and owner will contact them. We have provided robust admin functionality so, admin can directly access any user profile and he will be notified for each action on the site. User can manage their properties with Rooms, Rental rates, auction, photo, Tools, Google map and also manage availability (with reach calendar control). We have also integrated HOMEAWAY API to the site so user can review property inquiries and contact person accordingly. They can manage their auctions and bids as well. User can also see other user review on their property. User can also view total clicks on his property.

Technology :, MSSQL, PayPal Integration.


Attractive and user friendly website for all Users and Visitors who are looking for their Vacation rental property to hire on rent and property owners who wanted to make their property to be hired or auctioned.

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
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Melody Beentjes