Trader Deals Website

Trader Deals is UK's largest online Deals website which provides deals (offers) from local retailers, service providers and business in UK region & towns with daily deals/offers notifications on clothing & fashion, electrical, motoring, travel & transport, health & beauty, domestic services & more.

Technologies Used

  • AJAX, Javascript, jQuery
  • Core PHP
  • Facebook Graph API, Twitter API
  • MySQL


One of our long lasting clients has come up with the requirement wherein we need to develop a website with multiple levels to provide deals to users from retailers or service providers in UK. User can view deals, share offers with friends on facebook & twitter and also contact retailers to own any deals & offers whereas Retailers can pay for their offers to be listed under selected towns/ regions for users. He should be able to manage current offers, lapsed offers, copy existing offer to create quick new offers. Further, Retailer should also generate an embedded code to display his deals/ offers on third party website for marketing purpose. A challenge was to connect their deals account with Facebook and twitter. A requirement tells that it requires persistent connection which has to be established with one time Facebook Sign Up/ Sign In process. Moreover, retailer must be able to post offers from his/her deals account to its connected Facebook account brand pages for the social promotions therefore promoted content can be shown on the wall of the Facebook users who has already liked Facebook brand page created by a website user.


Skilled PHP developments team at iFlair in providing outcome with detailed requirement understanding. It was required to design and develop a website very much user friendly as much as possible where the concept is purely based on B2C. There can be many retailers and users, and one of most difficult task is to allow retailer to promote their deals & offers in multiple towns and it should be released in individual town sites for users in UK.

iFlair team took charge of the project starting with website design and development. We has come up with elegant Front end and back end area wherein back end has all the features available to manage deals and offers from retailers within multiple websites by Region and Towns in UK. Front end of the website includes features of Retailer and User separate signup/ sign in process, accounts management. A job was not over yet when primary task of connecting retailer deals account with facebook was pending. Development team has worked on Facebook Graph API with core customization and got succeed to establish persistent connection of the website account with Facebook. Moreover team has worked on fetching Facebook account data where Retailers can view list of brand pages created under his/ her Facebook account and can choose brand page to post their deals and offers for social promotion.

Finally, a job comes to an end when we developed feature to link/ unlink website account with Facebook at any point of time.

Key Features List

  • iFlair Designers have designed a professional looking website.
  • iFlair Developers have developed the website in CorePHP where Retailers of the shop can post their offers and Users gain benefit from the offer.
  • Single website connected with multiple websites with deals/ offers list from an individual Regions and Towns in UK
    • Country Website
    • Region Website
    • Town Website
  • Further, if admin make a change to one town or region the same changes take place to all towns or regions.
  • There are 2 types of users who use this website:
    • Retailer
    • User
  • Both the users have separate login.
Retailer Functionality:
  • TAny shop owner doing any kind of business like restaurant, pubs, salons, etc. can join the website and post their deals.
  • Trader Membership Request for a Paid Subscription to a town or multiple towns for getting their deals & offers out to customers through PayPal Credit Card Payment using PayPal Pro & Express Checkout Payment methods
  • After approved they assign themselves to a single or multiple towns, agree to a payment plan and post offers which appear at their selected town and region as well as at national level
  • If retailer has assigned him to multiple towns then he will get an option to publish the deals in all towns or selective towns.
  • Retailer has to select subscription period and payment plan.
  • Payment via PayPal.
  • Retailer will have Dashboard with His/ her Business information, Subscribed Town List, Profile Visited count, Offer viewed count and options to see Current Offers List, Lapsed Offers List etc.
  • While creating new offer Retailer has to select an appropriate Category.
  • Retailers can connect their Deals account to social websites like Facebook and Twitter to post new deals & offers for marketing.
  • One of the most advanced feature is persistent connection between Trader’s Deals account and social accounts under which once their account is connected with Facebook and Twitter, Retailer is not required to enter their login details every time to promote their deals and offers on social .
  • Retailer can view or update their profile.
  • A retailer’s profile page also has the option to generate an iFrame code which can be embedded to an external site.
  • This way it helps Retailers to advertise about their product/service and generate more business.
  • Users can browse any level and category to find offers, view individual offers and view all offers from individual retailers.
  • User can Sign up to receive offers via email from desired towns and categories of their interest (i.e. Clothing & Fashion, Health and Beauty, Travel & Transport etc.)
  • User can edit their profile.
  • User can view complete details about the offer along with contact details.
  • To redeem offer user has to show the offer code at retailer’s shop.
  • Website Users and visitors can share offers on Facebook, Twitter and also with their friends by email.
  • To get directions Google map is integrated.
  • User has the option to view more offers from the same retailer.
  • User can also view retailer’s profile.
  • If user does not want to register to the website, then also they can subscribe for newsletter and will receive the deals via email, for the categories they have selected.
Administrator Role:
  • Administrator manages the complete website on National, Regional and Town level.
  • Admin will manage Regions and Towns.
  • Admin will approve retailer membership requests.
  • Admin will manage both users – Retailers and Users.
  • Admin will manage offers.
  • Admin can view Payment details.
  • Admin will manage content of CMS pages.
  • Social media optimization with Facebook and Twitter links.
  • W3C validated.
  • Search engine friendly design.

Team Size

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Creative Designer
  • 1 HTML/CSS Designer
  • 1 Javascript Developer
  • 2 PHP Developer
  • 1 Quality Check Analyst

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality,
reliability, explanations and availability. They are really
professional, yet also very personable. I will
definitely be using them again.

Melody Beentjes