STDtested – STD Information and ordering test online


Client wanted to provide their customers a peace of mind through confidential, accurate, and convenient STD testing and STD information. He wanted to offer pre-test and post-test consultations with medical experts that can help interpret their customers STD test results, discuss symptoms and, in some cases, even provide treatment. Client wanted to provide an unparalleled service through convenient online ordering of the STD tests, easy access to test results online, a peer-to-peer online forum, local STD testing facilities information to users. They strive to make STD testing experience as easy as possible, through both their end-to-end online process (ordering through to test results), and their unique at-home offering, providing a kits to test for both Gonorrhea and Chlamydia from the comfort of customer’s own home.

The main challenge was to give the site a new look with proper formatting and have to make it better than their competitor’s sites. Create user’s order request for their chosen test/package. Have to integrate with payment gateway. Create online recommendation process. Establish live chat facility. Have to provide rich platform for blog and forum activity.

The content management system was also required to manage the different pages of All About STD’s, about us, contact us, home page and other general pages. Client wanted these modules along with the CMS pages the modules like user, their result, blog, forum and news management.


We created a nice looking professional website loaded with CMS features and search engine friendly. All pages are with nice presentation of STD information. All STD information pages are set with relative video.

Create steps for easy placing of order to test. Set Google maps for easy finding of their test centers. Introduce on-line recommendation feature with question set, which inspire viewer to place order for STD testing.

Integrate site with PayPal as a payment gateway to handle payment procedure. Integrate site with WordPress blog for giving space to represent time to time topic by admin. Integrate site with vBulletin Forum to provide user for a discussion.

Establish News feature to give a constant updated site effect. We also create feedback placing feature to accept the views of viewers. Create a private and secure area for user to view their result. Establish live chat facility for counseling of users.

Technology : PHP/MySQL, WordPress Blog, vBulletin Forum, PayPal Payment Gateway.


The main benefit of the site is to provide viewer, all STD information free and quickly as main marketing strategy and inspire viewer to place order for STD testing.

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Melody Beentjes