Princess Celebration

The Website is designed with an attractive User Interface and stands out as the name suggest “Princess Celebration”. The website flourishes an eye pleasing user interface originates from the formatting capabilities of WordPress.

Technologies Used

  • Wordpress
  • AJAX, Javascript, jQuery

Key Requirements

  • We have created new creative and unique website design for Princess Celebration.
  • We have designed visually attractive home page and distinct inner pages with proper placing of the content & images.
  • We have artistically added Gallery images.
  • The website provides the details about the princess visit in the party and different packages.
  • We integrated third party Online payment method.
  • A website which perfectly styles the arrangement of services offered by the client.
  • It is a dynamic CMS website developed in Wordpress - which allows the client to edit, upload and manage the entire content of website on his own, without depending on the developers.
  • Social media integration.
  • Search engine friendly and W3C standards compliance.

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality,
reliability, explanations and availability. They are really
professional, yet also very personable. I will
definitely be using them again.

Melody Beentjes