Pets on Trip - Multi-lingual Core Website

Pets on Trip is a Multi-lingual Responsive Website developed in CorePHP, where pet owners keep their pet for day care or board them for few days at pet host's place by paying the charges. iFlair designers have creatively and innovatively design the Website which perfectly describes Pet Website and matches the taste of the targeted audience. All the pages of the website are created by our qualified designers.


  • Customize commission, so Client can modify commission percentage.
  • Customize Calendar functionality and Pet host can manage their Calendar.
  • Once the calendar details are updated by Pet host, it is automatically displayed on the front side.


  • iFlair developers have customized the Calendar functionality as per project requirement.
  • Suppose while creating the profile, pet host enter the number of pets board on the same day are 3, then if all the 3 booking of pets are done then in Calendar it is displayed "Booked".
  • If 1 pet is booked and 2 are remaining then it displays "2 Spots available" in the Calendar.
  • So if 2 places are remaining user can book their reservation.
  • Once the booking is done, Price is automatically calculated based on number of days and price per day.
  • If the service is booked, System will send an email to the pet host saying that "his service is not available in the website on these dates".
  • Admin can have facility to modify commission percentage on the website.
  • We have done Security test of Website with different security standards like like SQL injections, Form injections, XSS injection Etc.

Key Requirements

  • iFlair Designers have designed visually interesting and modern looking website so it stands out from their competitors.
  • Through intuitive navigation and links we gave visitors quick and easy access to relevant information and multiple opportunities to get in touch with the Pet Host.
  • We have designed new and innovative Logo correlating with Pet Website that perfectly blends with new design.
  • "Pets on Trip" is a Multi-lingual Responsive Website where pet owners can keep their pet for day care or board them for few days at pet host's place by paying their hourly charges.
  • Along with pet services, website also has the functionality to buy or sell Pet products.
  • User can update their personal profile details.
  • User can also update their pet details.
  • User can add multiple pets on the website along with their pet profile photo.
  • User can view the list of reviews and ratings that user has received from other users by lending their service or selling the product on the website.
  • User can add the list of services that they offer along with their rate for individual service.
  • User can view the list of products that they have put for sale on the website.
  • User can add multiple products on the website.
  • User can add the location details and there is Google map integration.
  • Pet host can manage their calendar and add their availability dates.
  • User can have option to send or receive to other users on the website.
  • User can view their booking history.
  • User can search for the products on the website with the appropriate filters available on the website.
  • User can view the product details page which will contain product image and product details.
  • User can search pet service with different search options like City/Zip, Start Date and End Date. There are different filter options to search for precise pet service.
  • Pet Owners search for other similar pet's profile and view Pet Host details along with the images.
  • Users can give rating & feedback on the website.
  • While giving feedback, if the service is free, then pet host and pet owner can simply give feedback to each other.
  • If the service is paid, then in pet host feedback form it says extra field: "I have received payment".
  • We have integrated Google map to view the exact location.
  • We have displayed Calendar where pet host enters the date on which they are available to take care of pets.
  • Any user on the website can add product for selling purpose.
  • Website works as a recipient of commission at the time of Booking Service or Selling Product.
  • Once the service or products are added in a Shopping Cart, Customer can proceed for Online payment via PayPal Pro with SSL.

Administrator Role

  • Admin can manage details of all registered members (Pet Owners or Pet Host) on the website.
  • Admin can manage Pet Profile Page.
  • Admin can manage photos and videos in the complete website.
  • Admin can manage Calendar functionality.
  • Admin can manage Inbox.
  • Admin can manage Rating and Reviews.
  • Admin can manage service details.
  • Admin can view the Booking History.
  • Admin can view all commission details.
  • Admin has facility to add new service categories.
  • Admin can manage Latest News.
  • Admin can manage all the CMS content pages from back end.
  • Admin cam receive warning email when user request for registration, want to publish services or products (admin will approve the publication and then only it will publish on the website) or send message.
  • W3C validated.
  • Social media optimization with Facebook and Twitter links.
  • SEO friendly website with:
    • Search engine friendly urls,
    • Meta tags, Keywords, Titles, Links, Alt tags
    • Good navigation links, Thick Footer
    • In built Sitemaps
    • CSS/Div SEO friendly structures.

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality,
reliability, explanations and availability. They are really
professional, yet also very personable. I will
definitely be using them again.

Melody Beentjes
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