PersianFind – Iranian Web Business Directory


Client wanted to create an online business/service directory. He wanted to provide a smart solution to market any ones business by creating powerful online database center that can become a one stop source for professionals and business owners as well as their clients. He wanted to provide with the most up-to-date information on Business directory, Medical directory as well as Classified ads, Video advertising, current news and more. In other terms client wanted to create an online service directory, which accessible to the public as a very simple tool that could help user to expand their business at free of cost.

The main challenges of the site is providing of directories listing with proper categorization and have to place all listing in such a way that any user can easily reach their required information. We also have to introduce a system, which will encourage user to maximum use of site.

The content management system was also required to manage the various data in the different pages like about us, faq, advertise, related info, contact us, home page and other general pages. Client wanted these modules along with the CMS pages the modules of videos and its comments; news, business directory, medical directory, classified ads and categories management.


We have developed a website in such a way that user can easily view all directory information under proper sections.

We distribute all directory information in various phases like business directory, medical directory and classified ads. We provide platform of video advertising and add comment as well as ranking features to it. To update user with latest information we used news section. We place all these information with proper categorization. We add various pages that were describe on site registration benefits and guide business user for placing of their ads. Search functionality has been also given based on listing type so it would be easy for the normal user to reach to listing item quickly. Provide a contact/feedback form to take views of business persons as well as their clients.

We have also introduced points system based on individual user activities on site to encourage them for maximum use of site. Provide widgets placing facility on other site to market the site.

We have also developed rich admin panel from where administrator of the website can edit different page content; manage business directory, medical directory, classified ads, news, categories, videos and its comments.

Technology: PHP/ MySQL


The main benefit of the site is to provide viewer, all directory information free and quickly as main marketing strategy and inspire business owner to place advertise on site as well as viewer to place inquiry through site.

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