Virtual Learning Mart Website - Virtual+Social Learning

Virtual + Social Learning Website is for each individual who are willing to take/give learning management service at their own convenient time and convenient service tool.

Technologies Used

  • Corephp
  • MySQL
  • Ajax, Javascript, jQuery & json

Third party services

  • Integration of BBB for remote location audio/video conferencing.
  • Integration of PayPal and payment gateways.

Key Requirements

  • Our esteem client shared his vision that he would like to develop a system/platform which will be adopted by any age of users and at any point of time. Also it should not represent/replicate of any typical academic LMS application.
  • It should be free form typical classroom/academic environment.
  • Anyone who feels like to get trained on this area they can easily come to application and look for their relevant expert which isn’t required to be typical “trainer” or “organization”.

Key Features List

  • iFlair designers have designed unique innovative theme for Online Management Learning Website.
  • Online Management Learning is such a website that provide single platform to any age group people who are willing to learn or get coached in some specialized field and that to their own convenience.
  • Apart from that this platform is also providing facility for users who are experts and specialized in various field. They can register to system and utilize platform to share skills and expertise.
  • A perfect LMS (learning management social) tool which provide single stage to experts and learners. Expert can utilize this system to share their expertise in various fields and Learner can post their interest area where they would like to take coaching. For that system provides various facilities like below to get connected with virtual learning community.
  • Own personalized profile, dashboard and preferences management.
  • The website comprises almost all social networking features like: Mail, You Following, Following You, Add as Friend, Recommendation and Notification.
  • Main features of the Website: Network, Classes, Events, Collaborations, Forums, Discussion Boards, Blog, Trivia challenges, Advertisements
  • Fully Customized classroom with internal messaging, notification, file sharing, calendar blocking and test, assignment, assessment and grading system.
  • Through 3 ways expert can deliver the class: Phone, Audio or Video Conference.
  • Usage of various audio/video platforms for delivering/participating via online classes and events. Highly customized integration of widely used and acknowledged BBB (BigBlueButton) open source video online learning tool.
  • Redeem and reward point management for points earned on each transactions.
  • Make payment via more than one way and more than one tool (PayPal,, credit card, debit card etc.).
  • User can do their profile settings.
  • Transaction history is maintained as Expert Transaction, Learner Transaction and Transaction Log.
  • It is place where you share and gain knowledge.
User: There are mainly following types of users in our application.
Experts :
  • Expert is individual/organization group who registers with system and allow sharing their knowledge among Learner.
  • Expert uses have facility to post various categories which they are offering training.
  • Form their own network, groups, collaborations, blogs etc. to create social networking cl an in application.
  • Class management is one of the exceptionally special features available for Experts. They can create class and sent invitation to various users and group to take part in the application.
  • Personal workspace is provided to upload files.
  • Ratings are provided to Experts.
Learners :
  • Learner is any age group user who is willing to get coached in any specialized field.
  • A very unique feature is provided to learner which no other LMS tool is providing that learner has facility to express their interest area where they would like to sharpen their skills and get training from experts.
  • Based on selection of interest area learners are also provided customized work area for each interest they are taking training, where they can manage their assignments, their work books, customized calendar based on training sessions and maintain assessments.
  • Based on individual interest, system can suggested classes to users.
  • Learning Threads: A very interactive way of communication among all group of people and expert who are gathered under same virtual roof.
Parent/Guardian :
  • Learners who are minor (below 18) have facility with additional parent user who can take care of their learner preferences and payments.
  • They are notified about all the activities for their child.
  • Along with strong LMS platform, our excellent development team at iFlair has developed robust administrative tool to maintain various modules like CMS, policy, feedback, packages & offers etc. from one place at any given point of time.
  • SEO friendly and W3C compliance.

Team Size

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Creative Designer
  • 1 HTML/CSS Designer
  • 1 Javascript Developer
  • 2 CorePHP Developer
  • 1 Quality Check Analyst

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality,
reliability, explanations and availability. They are really
professional, yet also very personable. I will
definitely be using them again.

Melody Beentjes