Oncall Legal - Core PHP legal services website

iFlair has developed a remarkable Oncall Legal website that shares vision of practicing civil litigation attorney. We have creative exhibit their legal service which is the fundamental principle of providing efficient, reliable and affordable services.


Our Client wanted to develop the website in CorePHP and their initial website was in Drupal. The main challenge that website has a huge Database with many users. We had to export the user database from Drupal to Core PHP and manage the database.


iFlair optimized the database with a logical schema through data mapping database optimization is an essential aspect and include data transformation between data source and its destination. We have managed the database and migrated it to core php website without any data loss.

Key Requirements

  • iFlair Designers have designed a professional and elegant looking website.
  • iFlair Team has developed Responsive website so web pages will be visible and legible when opened in any device (Web, Tab or Mobile).
  • We have decorated every page of website, with good banners, nicely placing content and images. All the pages are created by qualified designers.
  • We have nicely display the list of services offered by the Client like Court Services, Messenger Services.
  • User will have to fill the form and along with it attach file for the aid required in legal service.
  • We have program pdf generation so that the invoice is generated in pdf format.
  • A website which perfectly describes the array of services offered by the client & addresses the targeted audience.

Administrator Role

  • We have developed a multi-level Administrator structure with concept of Master Admin and Sub Admins.
  • There will be one Master Admin who will manage the complete website and multiple Sub Admins which will be created by Master Admin.
  • Master Admin assigns rights to each Sub Admin for privacy purpose.
  • Master Admin views all the activities of their Sub Admin.
  • Sub Admin can create the order in behalf of their existing client.
  • We have managed the order where the unread order will be in red in color and read order will be in green color.
  • Once the order is complete Sub Admin can change the status of the order.
  • Sub Admin can add attachment for the case and the attachment will be send to User via Email.
  • Admins have facility for Quick search orders with Case Number and Invoice Number.
  • Admins have facility for Advance Search.
  • The activities are recorded of Super Administrator and Sub Administrator for a specific order.
  • There is a concept of third party where Master Admin can send email of their Clients to third party and with email, all attachment for that particular case will be automatically send via email.
  • Admins have facility to view Archive Orders.
  • Social media optimization with Facebook and Twitter links.
  • W3C validated.
  • Search engine friendly design.
  • Sub Admin or Super Admin can submit comments or notes for a specific order.

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality,
reliability, explanations and availability. They are really
professional, yet also very personable. I will
definitely be using them again.

Melody Beentjes
10 Euro/Hour, 2500+ projects Delivered, 100+ Employees, Established since 2004