Leefing Mobile Books Website - Special Reading Experience

It is the largest community which allows author/ users to discover and share books for free reading and for sale. It has come up with an ancient and unique style for reading an eBook with taking A LEEF feature which gives the reader feeling of reading a real book. It's a new form of entertainment connecting readers and writers through their thoughts and ideas wrapped up in a book. Large number of new books added every day, truly alive community of readers with an enhanced ability of reading books on your computer, iPhone, iPad, and Tablet that offers social and mobile reading experience for today’s generation all in one place.

Technologies Used

  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Standard Responsive
  • Javascript, Ajax, jQuery
  • Core PHP following MVC Standards (PHP5)
  • MySQL5
  • Apache2
  • Smarty3 as Template Engine
  • Facebook Graph API, Twitter API, Google API


Our client based in UK wanted to develop a website with a unique concept of online book reading and writing adopting standard responsive design as such primary users of the website are mobile users. User should play dual roles as reader and author. Website visitor should also take a benefit of immediate features of the website without account creation. User should create an account for reading and writing books. At a very first glance it was looking a simple requirement but inside there was a challenge list where needs to allow feature of selling a book from author to author, interactive book writing interface which should allow author to type content for a book with list of chapters, uploading a text file for a quick book writing and an important feature “Take a Leef” while readers are reading a book which actually holds the website title and entertaining book reading style for today’s generation. This is the feature where readers can bookmark an interesting text from a page or a chapter in a book.


After thorough analysis and requirement gathering, iFlair team has started the website design and development. A Website requirement with unique concept was highly required maximum use of jQuery, Javascript and AJAX to provide elegant look to the website.

A requirement was designed and developed the way which has covered up all the aspects and features where in as soon as user visits the website and come to homepage, they would always see Leefs taken by readers and that refreshes at a specific timestamp to bring recent list. User can see popular books of the day with different titles i.e. Most Read, Most commented, Most Leef and Most Rated and as the title suggests it also refreshes by 24 hours. User can click on any of the Leef to view full text with an Expanded Leef screen where we integrated social sharing options under which s/he can share Leefs with their friends on facebook, twitter, Google+ and via email too. Without having an account in website, they are allowed to see Book Details, post review, like and comments on reviews etc. A very user-friendly search feature given where user can search books by author name or book title and get the result with list of books matching to search criteria. For registered users, we provided advanced features where in users are allowed to become an author and reader both. There an author gets an access for writing a book on a specific category and language selection, tagging for quick search, publish a book for sale or free, add book events, make a payment for featured book etc. However, readers add free or paid books to their library for reading books.

Here a challenging part of the development came in front of development team where we provided feature to upload text file which immediately uploads file and embeds uploaded text with an editor for an author. Also got succeed in author to author payment process by acquiring recommended business account details from author to credit their account with book amount. We finally accomplished core task of a website i.e. “Take a Leef” where readers get an interactive reading screen and while reading they can select an interesting text from a book and they would always see “Take a Leef” button to bookmark such text of their interest. They can publish a “Taken Leef” as private or public for other reader’s. Leefs taken by readers will go into user’s “My Leefs” list from where they can directly go to book reading screen to read those interesting chunks of text where leef was taken.

As such a website has such rich features list to read and write books online therefor it should also enough secure with not allowing book content stealing. Development team has accomplished a task by disabling right click feature along with that also prevented copy – paste feature from the website and here job comes to successive end.

Key Features List

  • iFlair Team has developed Responsive website so web pages will be visible and legible when opened in any device (Web, Tab or Mobile).
  • The design of the website is such that it is easily viewable in Mobile and user can read books.
  • “Recent Leefs” & “Featured Book” listing will be displayed on Home page.
Featured Book:
  • Author can choose to have their books featured on home page to get more exposure to their book, by paying the charges.
  • Author will receive notification when his request for Featured Book is approved by Admin.
  • Payment done through PayPal.
  • User can play a dual role (that is user can be both author and reader) with single registration/login functionality.
  • User can update their profile details.
My Book:
  • The list of books written by particular author will be displayed.
  • Event:
    • Author can add event for their book (Upto 3 events can be added).
    • User will receive a notification if that book is added to their library.
  • Author has the right to feature their book.
  • Author can resume/stop the sale of their book. If the sale is stopped and book is paid and it is there in user’s library then he can read it but if the book was free then it will not be available in user’s library any more.
  • Review: User s can write review about the book and also like other user’s review and can comment on it.
  • Add Book:
    • Author can add book by adding fields like Title, ISBN number, Brief Details, Upload Book Cover Image, Tags, Language selection, Choose Category and Price.
    • Author can now proceed to write book. Author can either write on website or can upload txt file.
    • Firstly author will write the Chapter Name and then can write chapter content.
    • Then author can publish his book.
  • If user likes the book then they can add books to their Library.
  • If the book is “Free” then it will directly add to user’s Library.
  • If the book is “Paid” then user will pay for the book and then only it will be added to “Library”.
  • User can read book anytime from their library.

Advert: Payment history details will be displayed.

  • While reading the book if any user likes any statement then they can immediately leef it and it will display in individual “My Leef” and also on Home page.
  • User has the option their Leef to be public or private.
  • Leef can be shared via email, Google plus, Facebook and Twitter.
Administrator Role:
  • Administrator will manage all books and book ratings.
  • Admin can add book category.
  • Admin will manage Events.
  • Admin will manage Leef.
  • Admin will approve Featured book.
  • Admin will manage users.
  • Admin will manage content of CMS pages.
  • Admin will manage Payment.
  • SEO friendly website, along with W3C compliance.
  • Social media optimization with Facebook and Twitter links.

Team Size

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Creative Designer
  • 1 HTML/CSS Designer
  • 1 Javascript Developer
  • 2 PHP Developer
  • 1 Quality Check Analyst

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality,
reliability, explanations and availability. They are really
professional, yet also very personable. I will
definitely be using them again.

Melody Beentjes