LearnerFirst - Online Education management system - Core PHP

LearnFirst is an online education management system and provide the user to manage education related activities through this web application is crafted in CorePHP.

Technologies Used

  • Core PHP
  • MySQL
  • Ajax, Javascript, jQuery & json
  • Dompdf
  • Fusion Chart

Key Requirements:

  • iFlair have designed a simple yet professional looking LearnerFirst web application.
  • iFlair Developers have developed the website in CorePHP for online education management system and provide the user to manage all activity managed with this application.
  • There are four types of users who uses this application:
    • Tutor
    • Student
    • Administrator
  • LearnerFirst has different modules like Dashboard, Locations, Staff, Students, Attendance, Schedules, Goals, SLP, PR, Payroll, Invoices and Admin.
  • Staff module contains list of staff added in LearnerFirst with the details like Code, Name, Location, Contact Number, Month and Hours Used.
  • There is a search facility with different search filters like State, Region, District, Location, Role, First Name, Last Name, Address and Code.
  • On staff detail page we have displayed contact details, class list, payroll list, notes list, documents list, task list and events list.
  • We have displayed student list which contain Code, Name, School, Grade, Staff, Test, Goal and Months.
  • User has option to edit the fields like General details, contact details, demographic details, school info details, tutoring/registration details, invoice details and budget details.
  • The goal details can be converted to pdf file.
  • If user wants to view the attendance they have to mention Course Location, Course Period and Class Date.
  • Once the above details are added user can view the staff details and student details.
  • For student section user can curriculum comments and for staff section user can add payroll comments.
  • Attendance has different modules Take Attendance, Approve
  • Attendance, Attendance Report, Teacher Completion and Sign-in Sheets.Schedules:
    • On schedule page, it displayed the list of schedule for different class room.
    • It shows class name, teacher, location, days, active and number of students.
    • User has functionality to search for different schedules with search criteria like Location, Staff, Day, Active and Course Period.
    • User can view the schedule report.
    • There are different schedule modules like student schedule, student request, group schedule, group request and group drops.
    • There is option to generate pdf file.
  • User view the list of students that have taken test or set goals in past.
  • User has option to search for the data with search filters like State, Region, Location, Class, Student, Date, Test Type and Select Report.
  • User has option to generate pdf file.
  • User can create test or goals for the students.
  • User can also edit the previously added test or goals.
SLP (Student Learning Plan):
  • User can view SLP report of the student with different report options with search filters: State Region, District, Location, Class, Student and Report.
  • User can view the details of the reports submitted.
  • PR (Progress Report):
    • User can view the progress report of different students.
    • They have option to generate pdf file.
    • They can change the status of the report to approve, pending or reject.
  • Payroll module contains different sections like Payroll list, Wage Types, Pay Periods Info and Reports.
  • They have option to create wages report.
  • They can change the status of the payroll reports.
  • There are different types of invoices like SES, District, Hourly and Tuition.
  • They can create invoice and for each created invoice they have facility to change status.
  • Admin will have the authority to manage the complete web application.
  • Admin will manage User list and User profile – Admin, Tutor, Site coordinator, Regional coordinator Lead tutor, Teaching assistant and Support staff.
  • Admin will manage site configuration, where Admin can change logo, signature details and award points.
  • Admin will manage group list like and assigned users to that particular group.
  • Admin will view different reports for District, Student, School , Region Weekly Course, Staff, Location, Scheduling and Award point.
  • Admin will manage
  • W3C validated Search engine friendly design.

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality,
reliability, explanations and availability. They are really
professional, yet also very personable. I will
definitely be using them again.

Melody Beentjes