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Special Features

  • For each Campaign, we have integrated affiliated pixel script with campaign of LeadPortal in each associated services. On submission of contact form in site (This will be called lead), these data will be sent to our Landing page of LeadPortal and then we process that Lead in our system and send that lead to clients based on Postal code range and different criteria that are set in the system.
  • Admin can see graph for turnover, cost, margin, Leads last for last 7 days & Leads for last 30 days
  • We have given feature like admin user can manage, create & delete sub campaign for each specific campaign.
  • Admin can generate invoice based on generated leads for specific campaign to the client
  • Admin user able to see campaign wise lead. We gave automated generate invoice feature for each client
  • Admin user able to see old invoice and history of invoice
  • Admin can set up specific discount to special affiliated individuals in invoice module.
  • For Lead per partner, System generate partner id for XML structure to get lead via sending email features
  • Clients able to generate print of each lead information.
  • System has functionality to update information for pending campaign using waiting line lead.
  • Admin User able to login as client & login as partner to see their login session.
  • Admin user able to create manual lead for particular client from the system.
  • Admin User can create and manage different email template for campaign.
  • Google Adwords API integrated for each campaign platform. Each campaign is created in Adwords and Platform can receive leads via 'Ads by Google'. Using This Admin can know Adwords cost and Business Turnover for each campaign and can grow business.
  • Admin can set various reasons for lead rejections for each campaign.
  • Multiple User login feature to access respective functionality which is suitable to their role in the system.
    • Client / User
    • Admin
    • Partner

“LeadPortal” is an effective lead management solution which is an entryway for the customers to deal with their leads and allow them to manage different stages of the lead life cycle. We integrated affiliate pixels service to pull data from affiliate pixels account into Leadportal website where multiple clients can be part of same campaign and client can get leads through different affiliate pixels into their individual campaign to receive more leads for their product and services. We generated invoice for client based on generated lead for this client with this system. Admin can update information for the pending campaign using waiting line leads. We developed this system especially for back office employees who will manage the client’s lead and admin user can create more campaign from the main\admin region and manage campaign and leads. In these system, multiple client can login with their credential to access respective modules based on their user types and admin user also login in client’s portal from admin to check client session.

Technologies Used

  • Responsive HTML, CSS , jQuery & AJAX
  • CodeIgniter – Admin Management
  • Twitter bootstrap lay-out based theme
  • Sangrid – For Sending Email


  • Dashboard
    • System user can see turnover, cost & margin generated by today and by yesterday.
    • Admin user can see last 7 days leads & last 30 days leads for different client.
  • Account
    • Admin user can see five different account of various users as follows
      • User Management
      • Partner Management
      • Login as Client
      • Login as Partner
      • New client registrations
    • Admin user able to login as various users from admin panel.
  • Partner Management
    • It is possible to create new partner and manage all partner information in this module.
  • Login as Client
    • Admin user able to login on client portal via login as client and check & update client’s session.
  • Login as Partner
    • Admin user able to login on partner portal via login as partner and check partner’s session & able to update as well.
  • New Client Registration
    • Admin user can view new client request.
  • Campaign Management
    • Add, manage and delete campaign, sub-campaign & all campaign via campaign details
    • Each client campaign setting can be updated by admin via campaign setting module
    • Admin can do lead filter setting client wise
  • Lead Management
    • Admin can view and manage Lead per campaign
    • Admin can view and manage Lead per Client
    • Admin can view and manage Lead per Partner
    • Admin can disapprove lead in case some reason like couldn’t reach lead, lead is from wrong area, phone number is not working and Potential turnover is less than Euro 5000 etc…
    • Admin can disapprove client request.
  • Waiting Line Lead
    • Admin can update information for pending campaign with this module.
  • Manual Lead
    • Admin can add lead manually campaign wise
  • Invoice Management
    • Admin can prepare invoices client wise as per generated leads via campaign.
    • Admin can view invoices client wise. Admin can view invoice history as well.
  • Site Setting
    • Admin can create welcome message for client after login.
  • Reason Management
    • Admin can add new reason for disapprove lead. Admin can add client reason to disapprove lead.
  • Email Management
    • Admin can create new email template to generate new campaign and manage campaign for existing email template
  • Content Management System
    • Admin can add new CMS pages as Terms & condition in the system.
  • Affiliate Pixels service Integration
    • Multiple client will be part of same campaign with the help of this affiliated pixel integration

iFlair was instrumental in building the first version of INeedAPencil.com in 2006 and 2007. Working with Jinal and his team was a pleasure and a very positive business experience. Since Portfolio together, INeedAPencil.com has grown significantly and attracted the interest of many key stakeholders. We look forward to working with Jinal and his team again in the future.

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