HotelSchool – Website portal to hospitality world


Client wanted to create a site, which provides information about hotel management studies and the hospitality industry information to their users. They wanted to create useful resource for themselves and their fellow students. They wanted to provide information to people for what hotel management about and a sense of belonging to everyone attracted to this industry. They also wanted to provide platform to site user for discovering new people and enjoying of every aspect of the hospitality industry right from potential student to workforce of the sector. In other words client wanted to provide information about hotel management and hospitality industry world and wanted to provide social networking platform to site users.

The main challenge of the site is synchronization of all information under proper modules and providing of social networking platform to the users. We also have to create user’s own area to present their views, maintain their contacts and to support their social networking activities.

The content management system was also required to manage the various data in the different pages like faq, contact us, advertise with us, about us, partnership, customer support and other general pages. Client wanted these modules along with the CMS pages the modules like hotel schools, universities, users, events and its inviting; Internship & job offers, job categories, research items and its categories, forum topics, forum categories and comments; blogs, posts and comments, groups & its members, adverts of users and advertise categories management.


We have developed a website in such a way that viewer can easily view all information about hotel management studies and hospitality industry under proper modules without doing registration. We add classic search facility through map to find hotel school or university. We provide comparison basket to compare the details of hotel schools. We added find friends facility for finding interested profile. User has do registration to start social networking activities.

We provide all main platforms of social networking like forums, blogs, events and groups to site users. With these entire social networking modules user can add their blog posts, forum topics, make a request for attending an event, create or join groups, talk, messaging and compliments.

We add many options like ‘Tell a Friend’, ‘Send Friend Request’, ‘Invite a Friend’ to expand networking activities on site. We provide personal user area to each user to manage their contacts, photos, videos, blogs, forum topics, comments, messages, research articles, adverts.

We added internship & job search module to provide internship & job finding facility to users. We also add internship offer & job posting feature to site, through it companies can post their offers.

We added research for research articles and added market place to provide advert platform to site users.

We provide rich admin panel from where administrator of the website can edit different page content and manage all hotel schools information, site users, news letter subscribers and news letters; forum categories, topics and its comments; blog posts and its comments; events, attendees and invites; groups and its members; research categories and articles; market place categories and adverts of users, etc…


The main benefit of the site is it provides free information about hotel management studies and hospitality industry with platform for social networking activities to their users.

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