Horeca Consulent - Core PHP Custom Website

iFlair has developed an incredible web application for Restaurant Owners to manage their Restaurant details is crafted in Core PHP. iFlair has design a simple yet UI friendly design. Restaurant Owners can add their restaurant, salary, staff, supplier, debtor and many other details in the Website.


There was a huge challenge to program wage structure as per Netherland rules. It was very complicated to program the wage structure and based on it automatically calculated the wage output. There are four different ways in which wage output is displayed: Wage Table per month, Wage Table 4 weeks, Wage Table per year and Hourly Wage Table.


iFlair developers have program the matrix to display the wages in a structured format. It requires extraordinary skill to do high level of coding and automatically derive the result in a given format.

Key Requirements

  • iFlair Developers have develop a website where Restaurant Owners can manage their restaurant details.
  • Restaurant owners will manage their wages structures: Wage Table per month, Wage Table 4 weeks, Wage Table per year and Hourly Wage Table.
  • CAO reference functions contain different categories like Operation, Entertainment, Administration, House Keeping, Kitchen and many others.
  • Restaurant Owners will set the money values where they can forecast about the income and expense.
  • The money forecast helps them to keep the track on their earning and accordingly they can plan future strategy.
  • Restaurant owners can add the details about their staff with the field's staff name, contract active, contract start, contract end, contract duration and contract end.
  • Restaurant owners can view different report for wages, money flow, staff, and many others.
  • Restaurant Owners will add the CAO reference functions based on their requirement.
  • The staff details will contain personal details, address, postal address, identification, function data, financial and bank details.
  • Restaurant owner can add their supplier and debtor details so they can contact them easily.
  • The most important feature of the web application is Planning and Control.
  • Restaurant Owner can add the forecast details and after the stipulated period they can add actual data, so the system will display the comparison between both the fields.
  • This helps restaurant owner to identify their achieved goals and accordingly plan for their next target.

Administrator Role

  • Admin can manage the Restaurant Owner details with the fields like Restaurant owner name, contact active, contract start, contract end, contract duration and contract end days.
  • Admin can manage complete details like personal and contact details on the web application.
  • Admin can manage wages with different criteria's Wage Table per month, Wage Table weeks, Wage Table per year and Hourly Wage Table.
  • Admin can manage CAO reference functions of each restaurant.
  • Admin can manage the overview configuration of Restaurant Owner.
  • Admin can manage staff details.
  • Admin can manage money forecast for each restaurant.
  • Admin can view different reports with different search filters like restaurant name, report, year, week, period and week range.
  • Admin will view restaurant wise various types of reports: roster planning, roster really, hours registration, operation overview, key performance indicators, money flow, salary slip per employee, new employees, telephone workers and purchasing budget.
  • W3C validated and SEO friendly website.

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality,
reliability, explanations and availability. They are really
professional, yet also very personable. I will
definitely be using them again.

Melody Beentjes
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