Grannies Garage Sales – Garage Listing cum Social


Client wanted to create a site, which provides garage listing facility for their register user. Site should provide garage and available items listing with search by map and other standard fields. He wanted to incorporate rating facility on garage. Through all this viewer can view garage and items information and can make contact with garage owner and can buy their interested item. He also wanted to provide small social network with personal area to their user so they can engage on site

The main challenge was setting up a site with functionality to client in such a way that registered user can easily manage their own content of garage and its items. We also had to provide easy functionality for managing of users and other information pages of the site.

The content management system was required to manage the various data in the different pages like contact us, help and other general pages. Client wanted these modules along with the CMS pages the modules like garage and its items management, user management, blogs and its comments management, forum topics, its categories and its comments management.


We have developed a website in such a way that user does not need to register to review garage and its items detail. They can easily view garage and its items detail and can make a contact with garage owner to buy their interested item. They also can rate a particular garage. Advance search functionality has been also given based on map, keyword, item, state, city, zipcode etc so it would be easy for the normal user to reach to any garage or item quickly.

We provide easy user registration facility. We provide personal user area to manage their garage and social networking information.

We have also developed rich admin panel from where administrator of the website can edit different page content, manage garage and items, blog and forum detail, user information etc.

Technology : PHP/MySQL


The main benefit of the site is, it provide viewer, all garage information free and quickly as main marketing strategy and provide a platform of garage detail posting and social networking to their registered users.

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