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Special Features

  • HTML version of Evatool
  • jQuery Customization
  • 5 easy Step For Questionnaire Creation in EvalTool
  • Integrate Questionnaire survey template


  • HTML version of Evatool
    • The previous version of Evaltool was based on Flash and was re-programmed based on HTML using lots of jQuery customization
  • JQuery Customization
    • Using AngularJS we have built Evatool which have features like Animation, Drag and Drop , Accordion Panel, Data Binding and Data – Model - View representation

iFlair has developed small intuitive and user friendly survey tool for school. Evaltool was actually developed on Adobe Flash and it is not compatible with Mac device which encourage client to rewrite complete project. IFlair put great effort to translating the Actionscript 3.0 and MXML code to Angular and PHP to develop Evaltool which provide the right question along certain quality dimensions which quickly help the user in publishing a survey with a set of questions surrounding a dimension/subject that could be asked to the parents, the children, the teachers and the school board. iFlair has collaborated with client to develop complete solution.

Technologies Used

  • jQuery
    • Angular-animate.min.js
    • Angular-dragdrop.min.js
    • Angular-jquery-ui-accordion-1.0.0.js
    • Angular.min.js
    • inline.js
  • PHP
  • AJAX, HTML, jQuery and CSS
  • 5 easy Step For Questionnaire Creation in EvalTool
    • In the Evaltool, all survey items can be edited and new ones created.
      • Compile Question
        • User can specify the question and items for questionnaire
        • User can select from existing template or formulate by themself
      • Edit Question Blocks
        • Option to edit survey blocks
        • Option to change the order of the survey blocks
      • Finish Questionnaire
        • User can give the questionnaire a headline of their choice
        • In addition, user can formulate an introductory text as well as concluding text
      • Evaluate and Present Survey Result
        • User can take look at survey result
        • User can receive bar charts that show user the percentage distribution of answers per question/ per item demonstrate
  • Profile Management
    • The tool provides a comprehensive collection of items on the topics of school management, quality management, integrative school, day structures and school development processes for the survey of authorities, leaders, teachers, pupils and parents.
  • Profile Management
    • User can see basic information like name, contact account’s region product
  • Product and Region
    • User can add more regions category and product in his account
  • Advertisement
    • User can view his and other user advertisements and modify his own advertisement category wise
  • Balance
    • User can see his payment transactions information
  • Free Access Up to 3 Survey
    • Evaltool offer free access up to 3 survey
  • My Survey Projects
    • User can manage their projects
  • Back Office Management
    • CMS Management
    • Advertisement Category Management
    • Advertise Management
    • Product, Category and Region Management
Claudio Tubertini

I think you have done a very good work. And you have developed the modules I asked you timely and on budget. I searched for Iflair because we were actually behind schedule in the development of our site and they plainly solved our problems. I definitely will work again with them.

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