Eshone – Services Information Site


Client wanted to create a site, which presents their offer services detail and provide business opportunity information to partners. He also wanted to provide information for establishing solar energy project to the site viewers, which would encourage viewer to place an inquiry on site. He also wanted to provide case studies information as a marketing strategy. Above all he wanted a platform of online consulting through current latest platform of blog.

The main challenge of the site is synchronization of all information under proper modules and providing of all the services detail and other information to viewers.

The content management system was also required to manage the various data in the different pages like about us, services, customers, partners, contact us, home page and other general pages. Client wanted these modules along with the CMS pages the modules of events, case studies and links management.


We have developed a website in such a way that user can easily view all information under proper sections

We provide all main platforms of social networking like forums, blogs, events and groups to site users. With these entire social networking modules user can add their blog posts, forum topics, make a request for attending an event, create or join groups, talk, messaging and compliments.

We distribute all information in various phases like about us, services, customers, partners and contact us. We provide all services detail under proper head. We provide a place under customer to present case studies with technical details. Give facility to search require information through google search. Incorporate contact or feedback links to accept inquiries as well as feedbacks from various information pages. Integrate site with previously developed blog site of client.

We have also developed rich admin panel from where administrator of the website can edit different page content; manage events, case studies and links.

Technology : PHP/ MySQL, Joomla ( PHP Open Source for CMS )


The main benefit of the site is to provide viewer, all information free and quickly as main marketing strategy and inspire viewer to place inquiry or order.

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Melody Beentjes