Advent is a Multi-Lingual Responsive Ecommerce Website with an exclusive “Advent Calendar” feature which includes product purchasing through Theme Calendar or can also purchase Individual Product.

There is a Theme Calendar having 24 days and 24 different products added in each calendar theme.

There are different packages (around 10-15) along with the images which are displayed and customers are able to choose which package model they would like to purchase.

The customers have a choice of adding the products in Theme Calendar:

  • First Choice: Customers selects from the category with various gift items like Christmas, Gourmet, Princess, Baby, Love, etc which has already been predefined by the Client.
  • Second Choice: Customer also has the option to assemble different products available in store and can choose product from there as well.

Once the package is selected, it will be added in a Shopping Cart and Customer can proceed to make payment via PayPal.


  • Customize Advent Calendar Functionality
  • Dynamic Price Calculation


iFlair developers have customized Calendar Functionality so customer can move products with Ajax to an existing set, with drag and drop functionality.

The customer can choose maximum 24 products range from the available products and it will be displayed in the calendar

Customers also have an option to shift products in Calendar from one date to another with drag and drop functionality.

Dynamic price calculation of advent calendar on product collection.

Technology : Magento/PHP/MySQL/Responsive HTML/CSS/Ajax, Javascript, jQuery & json

Project Accomplishment Time

  • 15 Days
Team Size
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 Developer
  • 1 QC

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality,
reliability, explanations and availability. They are really
professional, yet also very personable. I will
definitely be using them again.

Melody Beentjes
10 Euro/Hour, 3000+ projects Delivered, 100+ Employees, Established since 2004