Celebrity Events Auction Website

Celebrity Auction

Celebrity Auction Website creates unique experience among user to place their bid for an event that will take place in near future.

Technologies Used

  • Web Server – Apache 2
  • Programming Language – PHP 5
  • Database – MySQL 5
  • Scripting Language – Javascript, jQuery Library and AJAX
  • Open Source CMS – Joomla
  • Blog – Wordpress


One of our clients has come up with requirement for an online auction website. Celebrity Auction website as the name suggests, users can see the list of very uncommon and rare Celebrity Events as an auctions wherein they can take part in bidding auction and get a chance to meet their idol star by placing maximum bid and winning an auction. To take part in auction, user can sign up with their email address or with social accounts like facebook/ Google+. Key Challenges were to customize Joomla – Auction component to fulfill the requirement by working on granular auction management features list like regular bidding, maximum bid, reserve price, and popcorn bidding, buy it now etc. and next biggest challenge was to design a website with unusual features to make it look different from other common websites.


Very skilled and experienced Joomla development team was assigned a job to accomplish it with fruitful outcome. A roadmap was designed to define programming process hierarchy from basic to extra ordinary features development.

Project development was started with the Design phase and achieved with producing an elegant design using jQuery to design website with animation, advanced effects, theme-able widgets to manage individual block & content of the website. Having an interactive design on hand, development team completed CMS Pages integration to front end, sign up with Facebook, Google+ or email address, sign in to website, Wordpress installation & configuration to manage website blog, social links of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest for the website promotions, subscribe and unsubscribe to Celebrity Auction newsletter notifications, Google Language Translator for managing multilingual content in the website. Also user signed up with facebook can link/ unlink their facebook account with the website account at any point of time.

For auction management, installed and configured Joomla component where immediate requirement of listing auction completed. A key job has begun with making customization to fulfill advanced requirement of bidding by developing set of rules for bidding like Bid increment based on defined bid intervals, place maximum bid and other bidder gets outbid notification on screen, reserve price to benefit website owner by not revealing bid amount until the customer reaches it, again very entertaining feature of popcorn bidding allows bidders a chance to stay in the race by placing a bid within 10 minutes of auction closing time which extends auction end time by 10 minutes. An upgraded User Account Management with an ability to manage account information, privacy settings to change password, change notification preferences, My Bids and My purchases. Also payment gateways integrated allowing customer to purchase their winning auction by paying through credit card or PayPal accounts.

In addition, other noticeable features of the website which make higher impact to look and usability of website are attractive creative designing and auction listing in home page, categorization of auctions, sliding auction banners with celebrity pictures, user friendly blog, advanced search, online donation etc.

Key Features List

  • iFlair team of designers have design a very classy and an elegant looking website with creative banners.
  • We have developed dynamic, robust and scalable Multi-lingual Auction website in Joomla.
  • User can meet, dine, and much more with their favorite movie star, musician, artist, model, sports figure, author, chef, or business mentor through this website.
  • At the time of registration user is required to enter their Credit Card details.
  • User has the option to login via Facebook or Google +.
  • There are various categories for Auction like: Movie, Music, Sports, Fashion, Business, Art and many others.
  • Each auction category have a sub category like for Sports the sub categories are Racing, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Golf and many others.
  • User can view list of open and closed bids are available in particular category.
  • When clicked on any auction detail to place bid, then their details, images, last bid amount and next minimum bid amount are mentioned. User is required to place bid by entering minimum or more than minimum amount.
  • User has the facility to enter maximum amount for the bid.
  • If another user placed bid of higher value then other user will receive an outbid notice.
  • If a bid is placed within 10 minutes of the closing time then the auction time will extend by 10 minutes.
  • User has the option to put an auction to their watch list.
  • User can sort the auction product via Estimate Price, Closing Date, Added Date, Number of Bids and Lowest Bids.
  • User can share their auction on Facebook and Twitter.
User Profile:
  • User can edit their profile and credit card details.
  • User can view the list of auctions on which they have placed bid.
  • User can update their notification settings.
  • User can view their “Win Products”.
  • User can read and comment on various blogs.
  • User can share Blog via Social network.
Administrator Role:
Joomla Backend:
  • Admin manages details of all registered member and their details on the website.
  • Admin manages details & images of auction.
  • Admin can set the timer for auction and also add minimum and maximum price.
  • Admin can view the auction done by user.
Wordpress Backend:
  • Admin will manage Blog section.
  • Admin can view past auction.
  • Admin can view all online transaction lists. For each completed transaction, Admin can view order details & payment status.
  • Admin manages all the CMS content pages.
  • There are various CMS pages like: About Us, FAQ, and Contact Us.
  • SEO friendly features making the website easily accessible using search engines and enabling client to establish their online presence.
  • Social Media Integration and W3C compliance.
  • Richer end user experience through a unified platform with an auction website.

Team Size

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Creative Designer
  • 1 HTML/CSS Designer
  • 1 Javascript Developer
  • 2 PHP Developer
  • 1 Joomla Developer
  • 1 Wordpress Developer
  • 1 Quality Check Analyst

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality,
reliability, explanations and availability. They are really
professional, yet also very personable. I will
definitely be using them again.

Melody Beentjes