KMB Database - Engineering services solutions - Core PHP

KMB provides engineering services solutions in the United States and Europe. Their extensive experience in the engineering and telecommunications industries provide a great foundation for a successful design firm.

We iFlair, take a systematic approach to develop comprehensive engineering solutions for KMB; as record management system which offers engineering & construction based operations for different vendors of KMB through single application. Our focus on technology and continuous improvement enables the firm to keep up with the latest innovations and provide state-of-the-art design solutions for our clients.

Technologies Used

  • Core PHP
  • MySQL


One of our long lasting clients has come up with the requirement wherein we need to develop an application where the concept is purely satisfied for construction management. The main challenge is that we have to create a site, which users or project managers can track project wise deliverables list and its request.


Our Skilled development team provides great outcome with detailed requirement understanding. Our solution "KMB database" will manage all the vendors, subcontractors as the part of KMB family. We come up with elegant Front end and back end area wherein back end has all the features available to manage users, deliverables and its request, projects, resources, zones etc. Front end of the website includes features of User separate signup/ sign in process, project creation, request for deliverables and generate different reports.

Key Requirements

User profile:
  • User can generate project with manage its detail like deliverables, zoning, construction drawings, environmental information, site audits detail, UPS tracking. Site walks etc.
  • User can request for deliverables and view its current status
  • User can view zone wise contractor, sub contactor, building, tax maps, and property detail.
  • User will manage project wise deliverables detail, plots detail etc.
  • Users have facility to subscribe property research options.
  • User can generate different types of decision making reports like deliverables wise, milestone wise, total submittals etc.
Administrator profile:
  • Admin manages details of all registered engineers, vendors, surveyors, employees, other resources and their details and login credentials.
  • Admin can approve deliverables as requested by users.
  • Admin can track records of deliverables.
  • Admin will manage state, clients, zoning, category, visits, designs, projects etc.
  • Admin will manage whole website and its content.

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
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Melody Beentjes