Errevi android & iOS App

We have created perfect tool for professionals who are looking for the best spare parts for trucks and trailers, anywhere in the world. Users can select language from English or Italian. Users will be able to search products catalogue through either entering company’s codes or OEM codes. Based on search results, users will be able to view full product details. Users are able to read news & updates in PDF format.

Special Features

  • Multi language application
  • Display list of PDF files


  • Language Selection
    • Users have options to select language from English or Italian.
    • Application content will display based on language selection.
  • Search
    • Users can search spare parts via company’s code or O.E.M. code.
    • Users can search normal product and kit product.
    • User can view news & updates in PDF format.

  • Search result
    • Users can view product detail with product image.
  • Product Details
    • Users can view more product details.
    • If search product is normal product then user can view image, errevi code, brand, model, version of spare part and note.
    • If search product is kit product then user can view all normal products field as well as kit parts section.

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality,
reliability, explanations and availability. They are really
professional, yet also very personable. I will
definitely be using them again.

Melody Beentjes
10 Euro/Hour, 3000+ projects Delivered, 100+ Employees, Established since 2004