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Apr 13, 2023 |

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Convenience, flexibility and innovative are the best attributes of eCommerce. If you are an eCommerce entrepreneur, you can utilize advanced technology that redefines your eCommerce business strategy and products that become outdated. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, you don’t have to relocate your business or redecorate a facility.

Conventional traders and retailers have opened online stores and eCommerce sales now account for 20.8% of all global sales. However, to take full use of this adaptability, your strategy must be adaptive and dynamic, able to shift at the touch of a button to keep people interested.

In addition, eCommerce platforms have seen fast expansion in recent years as a result of the constant advancement of technology. One research predicted that by 2022, the eCommerce business would be worth $5.4 trillion.

Online business operators who use new technologies face particular difficulties. To maintain eCommerce enterprises, it is crucial to stay current with newly developed technologies. The custom answer for online store owners to keep up with new, emerging technologies and connect with those touchpoints as they emerge is to use headless eCommerce platforms.

Defining Headless eCommerce

Headless eCommerce can be defined as an agile approach for companies, separating the front-end and back-end of the eCommerce site. As the front-end and back-end work independently, the eCommerce companies can be more flexible to test and experiment with their products and business strategies. With the help of eCommerce development services, you can also design, both the front-end and back-end experiences differently as per your online customers and administrative requirements.

Headless commerce is often adopted by larger businesses with larger IT and development teams as well as a DIY mentality. This makes sense because custom programming can require a significant time commitment in order to generate and construct a reliable distinct front end and back end. These companies frequently have lengthy development backlogs and ambitious creative and marketing teams that are ready to quickly test new front-end layouts, text, and templates.

Following a pandemic that forced consumers to shop exclusively online, brands must now embrace innovation more than ever. Each and every developer’s hour is valuable because speed to market is frequently linked to boosting revenue flow.

If you own an eCommerce company or are thinking about launching one, you might also want to have a look at the top 10 headless eCommerce gateways for 2023.

1.Adobe Magento

The open-source headless eCommerce platform Adobe Magento is appropriate for companies of all sizes. A number of capabilities are available with Magento development, including as configurable checkout, abandoned cart recovery, and support for many languages and currencies. In addition, it features a rich collection of APIs that let programmers easily create and modify the front-end interface of their online store.

2.Shopify Plus

A robust headless eCommerce platform, Shopify Plus is appropriate for companies of all sizes. A number of features are available, such as configurable checkout, abandoned cart recovery, and support for several languages and currencies. Additionally, Shopify development includes a rich set of APIs that allow programmers to easily create and modify the front-end interface of their online store. You can choose from a number of Shopify Plus development services to design your headless commerce store.


One of the most well-known and successful headless eCommerce solutions is called Commercetools. It is a Microservice-based, Headless, Cloud-native, and API-first application. (MACHA). With the help of Commercetools, you can design and construct your commerce solution to create experiences that are tailored to the precise requirements of your customers and business. To help you create or maintain your own infrastructure at scale, Commercetools headless provides ready-made commerce building blocks. Additionally, you can link commercetools’ backend to any frontend and third-party apps because to its API-first approach, which gives you degrees of freedom that are unmatched. It provides a risk-free trial. Prices are available upon request.

4.Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Large businesses can use the headless eCommerce platform Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Personalized suggestions, omnichannel help, and support for several languages and currencies are just a few of the complex features it offers. In addition, it features a rich collection of APIs that let programmers easily create and modify the front-end interface of their online store. Your business model, such as B2B or B2C, will have a significant impact on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


Another well-liked headless eCommerce system that is appropriate for all sizes of companies is BigCommerce. A number of features are available, such as configurable checkout, abandoned cart recovery, and support for several languages and currencies. Additionally, it features a rich set of APIs that enable programmers to easily create and modify the front-end interface.


The start-up with headquarters in Seattle provides a headless commerce platform designed for expansion. It offers back-end support for internet retail. B2B and direct-to-consumer businesses may quickly replace costly, cumbersome legacy platforms that inhibit performance and growth with Fabric’s open and modular design. Fabric provides membership & offer administration, subscriptions, marketplace integrations, and more in addition to being a product information management and order management system.


Vendure is a dark horse with potential to emerge as the subsequent headless unicorn. For those that have outgrown Shopify, Vendure is a cutting-edge headless GraphQL framework that manages eCommerce. With its engaging and easy admin interface, it is simple to set up and navigate. Vendure links to Next and Vue-compatible stores.


Spryker is one of the well-known open-source eCommerce platforms that promises to offer top-notch business solutions for mid- and large-sized enterprises. Since modern commerce requires flexibility and integrability to be adjusted to company and consumer needs, Spryker has always championed API-first structures and a headless approach. Different business models like B2C, B2B, D2C, has different demands, and Spryker’s Glue API delivers tailored services and integrations to satisfy those needs. Its LINK Middleware enables you to customize the current solution to make Spryker function within your technological stack rather than changing your system. Spryker is one of the most flexible headless systems as a result.

9.SAP Commerce Cloud

A commerce solution called SAP Commerce Cloud was created primarily for large businesses with sophisticated B2B, B2C, and B2B2C use cases. The SAP solution includes other commerce modules designed for both B2B and B2C users, as well as an omnichannel, dynamic storefront. It offers a centralized content repository, high-end features, and a wealth of smart possibilities for customizing the purchasing experience. SAP controls the product roadmap because it is an enterprise SaaS, which may be advantageous for larger enterprises.

10.OroCommerce platform

OroCommerce is mostly utilized by B2B companies. However, it can support any company model, including B2B2B, B2B, and B2C, due to its wide out-of-the-box commerce features. In order to become the best B2B solution, OroCommerce provides both headless and traditional methods. If you want to link a powerful commerce backend with external frontend software, like CRM or ERP, OroCommerce will be the best headless eCommerce platform for your B2B company.

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The finest headless eCommerce platform for your company will ultimately depend on your unique needs and demands. It is crucial to carefully consider your options and select a platform that can accommodate your needs and scale with your company as it expands. A reputed eCommerce development company can help you to determine the best technology that can power up your online business to outcast competitors.

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