iFlair Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Offering solution that meet most challenging IT problems

100+ Employees Established since 2004 38+ countries


Jinal Shah Managing Director
Viral Doshi Vice President

Project Managers

Gaurang Jadav Project Manager
Karishma Soni Project Manager
Dhruvit Patel Project Manager
Hemang Shah Project Manager (UI/UX)
Chintan Fadia Project Manager
Kamal Joshi Technical Manager

Marketing & SEO

Vishal Shah [Vicky] Business Development Manager
Sanket Dave [Sam] Business Development Manager
Dhara Shah Sr. Business Development Executive
Mukul Manwani [Mark] Sr. Business Development Executive
Shivani Bisht Project Coordinator
Jignesh Jadav Business Analyst
Dhruti Pithava Business Development Executive
Viram Teraiya Business Development Executive
Siddharth Rajguru Business Development Executive
Sanjay Sathwara SEO Team Leader
Abhishek Jani Digital Marketing Executive
Pravin Rathod Data Research Analyst

Team Leaders

Kinjal Patel Team Leader
Arvind pal Team Leader
Eren Christian Team Leader
Chirali Vejani Team Leader
Jigisha Dabhi Team Leader
Alkesh Sanghadiya Technical Leader
Kaushik Hadvani Team Leader (UI/UX)
Dharmesh Panchal Team Leader

Sr. Developers & Developers

Bhavin Bhalodia Developer
Priyanka Kaswala Developer
Riken Shah Developer
Kushal Shah Developer
Maulik Makwana Developer
Karan Trivedi Developer
Gunja Kotadia Developer
Vivek Pandya Developer
Mayur Dosi Developer
Khodidas Devani Developer
Yogesh Makwana Developer
Guarnag Padhiyar Developer
Vishal Fichadiya Developer
Dilpesh Badarshahi Developer
Kishan Kalsara Developer
Indrajit Solanki Developer
Raxesh Shah Developer
Vijay Rami Developer
Binal Aghera Developer
Bhumika Sheldiya Developer
Shivangi Vyas Developer
Parvez Agoliya Developer
Jay Thakkar Developer
Dhruv Kothari Developer
Jay Rathod Developer
Kirtan Prajapati Developer
Tarun Bhalodiya Developer
Jaimin Dave Developer
Tausif Meman Developer
Viken Shah Developer
Maulik Panchal Developer
Divyesh Patoriya Developer
Prakash Dhokiya Developer
Nikunj Limbani Developer
Lokesh Panchal Developer
Ankit Shah Developer
Hardik Chauhan Developer
Keshav Kansara Developer
Jaymin Khushalani Developer

UI/UX Designer

Nihar Sanghavi UI/UX Designer
Hitesh Gabu UI/UX Designer
Jignesh Samadhiya UI/UX Designer
Rajnik Borad UI/UX Designer
Nandini Vyas UI/UX Designer
Hardik Limbani UI/UX Designer
Abhishek Patoliya UI/UX Designer
Khushbu Soni UI/UX Designer
Shweta Patel UI/UX Designer
Ankit Darji UI/UX Designer
Parth Amodkar UI/UX Designer
Rakesh Kushwah UI/UX Designer

Quality Analyst

Sahim Guda QA Team Leader
Khyati Patel Quality Analyst
Bhumika Badala Quality Analyst
Rachana Shah Quality Analyst

Human Resource & Network Engineer

Divya Pandit HR Admin Executive
Sujata Sagathiya Human Resource
Yashesh Shah Network Engineer

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service
in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality,
reliability, explanations and availability. They are really
professional, yet also very personable. I will
definitely be using them again.

Melody Beentjes