Salsa World Class Website and Mobile App

We have developed network where anyone can learn to dance online from some of the world’s best teachers. The website will have 3 types of members which are divided in schools, teachers and students. All need to pay different annual contribution to use the website. Salsa world make videos with different Level (beginner, intermediate, advance) and release it for different schools. Schools release the videos for teachers and students and also have facility like; viewing different courses online and their details, step by step training, payments, submit reviews etc.

Special Features

  • Common platform where all students, learning together
  • Connect you with new friends and a worldwide community
  • Ad-free videos, so no need to wait for ads to play
  • User can watch the salsa lessons on mobile phone or tablet
  • Internal Message System
  • Real time Push Notification


  • Manage profile and account details
  • Create student and teacher account
  • Assign video and courses to student and teachers
  • Message to Salsa World’s Standard Class (SWSC)
  • Get notification from Salsa World’s Standard Class(SWSC)
  • Create and manage level wise group for messaging
  • Manage reserve student in place of absent student
  • Manage profile and account details
  • Pay for video and courses
  • Access different service news, events, groups, message base on course selection
  • Access videos shared by Schools
  • Give Review ratings
  • Manage profile and account details
  • Pay for video and courses
  • Based on courses assigned teachers can access different service like news, events, groups, message etc.
  • Access videos shared by salsa world
  • Give Review ratings
  • Check list of users who are registered for that school
Real Time Push notification
  • Periodically cron job execution provide push notification on Mobile App
  • Student receive push notification from school for
    • Event
    • New Message
    • Notes
    • News
  • Student can notify school regarding their absent and present
  • Reserve partner notification
    • School can notify reserve student (male/female) if they like to join dance class in place of absent student

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