We have developed compliance checker functionality which monitors products and initiate alerts for any missing regulatory data or documents. It generates simple to understand, actionable tasks which can also be assigned to team members or contracted professionals such as safety assessor or laboratory

Products are monitored from batch-to-batch, which ensure that product compliance will be maintain throughout product development lifecycle. User will be informed of exactly what actions need to be taken, making it easy to integrate regulatory compliance fully into their business workflow

We have designed unique tasks manager which effectively manage any task for cosmetics businesses which help business owner to save time, eliminate costly mistakes, stay compliant and enjoy working in a business that is far less stressful!

Special Features

  • Enterprise Cloud Application which empowering cosmetics businesses
  • Raw material data integration using Cosing - third party service which provide European Comission database for cosmetic [ 25,000+ ]
  • Compliance checker monitors products while batch processing which ensure product compliance
  • Create product development life cycle in which product will pass through different stage with compliance protocol enforcement
    • Articulate Product Formula
    • Production Process
    • Product Manufacturing Process
    • Product Package and Labeling
    • Product Dispense
  • Flight checker performing dozens of checks and alerting business owner to take any required actions
  • Generate a complete PI file (in .zip format) for each product, with a full PDF report and links to all associated documents.
  • Implement Batch protocol comply with cosmetics GMP by ensuring traceability of raw materials and suppliers across product batch changes
  • Document manager Organize all of regulatory documents and associate them with projects, raw materials and formulas
  • Barcode stickers are generated for easy processing for product shipping and labeling
  • Strip payment integration which provide reminder notification for next payment
  • Tapffiliate integration which provide in time invoice notification
  • Implement Access Control list for user roles and privileges


Secure Web based Application
  • With considerations of client requirement, we have provided an affordable, secure web-based software application for empowering cosmetics businesses.
  • Implement secure socket layer for Data protection
  • Follow extremely high standards in server hardening and security protocols with nightly security updates on servers with full backups executed
Cosing Integration
  • Implement European Comission database for information on cosmetic substance and ingredients
  • Cosmetri notify customers when any new raw material will be added in database
Product Setting
  • Utilization of Product settings and raw materials which help to create new product to save time of end user
Product Monitoring
  • Products are monitored from batch to batch ensuring maintain compliance throughout product life cycle
Formulate new products
  • Develop new formulas without needing to lookup ingredients
  • All ingredient percentages are calculated automatically
Flight Checker
  • Run in the background, performing dozens of checks and alerting business owner to any required actions they need to take.
Maintain and Export PI files:
  • Generate a complete PI file (in .zip format) for each product, with a full PDF report and links to all associated documents. Keep your PI files updated at all times.
Ingredients watch:
  • Pre-loaded with over 22,000 cosmetics ingredients updated every 24 hours, Cosmetri alerts business owners of any changes made in cosIng to ingredients used in product formulas.
  • Check for compliance issues with a single click
  • Advanced ingredients' search and filter tools
Batch Protocols:
  • Comply with cosmetics GMP by ensuring traceability of your raw materials and suppliers across product batch changes. Batch protocols supplement for main PIF, creating snapshots of all regulatory data and documents
Maintain Formula Compliance:
  • Ingredients Watch alerts user to changes to cosing ingredients used in formulas.
  • Easily check if your formula is still compliant
  • Powerful ingredients search tools and filters
Ensure Traceability:
  • Easily update each new batch of a raw material from supplier and associate with product.
  • Generate a new batch protocol to maintain GMP compliant supplier traceability.
Document Manager:
  • Organize all of your regulatory documents and associate them with projects, raw materials and formulas.
  • Add custom documents and access all of product data from anywhere - any time.
  • Drag-and drop a file to the drop zone to add or update a document
Manage Task and Work flow
  • Assign notes, statuses and ‘due dates’ to task
  • View dashboard for quick overview of task
Packing and Labeling:
  • In Packaging and Dispense module, Barcode Stickers are generated within the Labels
Strip Payment Integration
  • Enterprise level integration with Strip payment which provides reminder notification for next payment
Report Generation
  • Generate production report in PDF for any time frame
    • Package / Unit Size
    • Summary of Entire Period
  • Implement Tapffiliate system which generate and manage Monthly , Yearly and Life time invoices
Web Application Security Scanner
  • Identify vulnerabilities in your website and prevent you from being dangerously exposed.
  • SQL injection proofing
  • Generate report for critical problem
  • Allocate Storage space and access rights based on user subscription
  • Notify customer when storage limit exceed
Access Control List
  • Implement ACL control on user level as per assign roles and responsibilities

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Melody Beentjes
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